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Human Senses about Smell, Taste, Hearing, Balance, Touch, Vision
Human Senses

a 2003 BBC series in three parts (Smell and Taste, Hearing and Balance, Touch and Vision) Learn how our twin senses of smell and taste keep us alive.Why is our balance so closely connected to our hearing. How does our visual system measure up and more.

Planet Earth as we have never seen them before
Planet Earth

a 2006 BBC Natural History Unit production, who show us the planet and its wildlife as we have never seen them before. Watch From Pole to Pole, Mountains, Ice Worlds, Freshwater, Caves, Deserts, Great Plains, Jungles, Shallow Seas and more.

The Human Body
The Human Body

an excellent BBC series in seven parts (Life Story, An Everyday Miracle, First Steps, Raging Teens, Brain Power, As Time Goes By, The End Of Life) by Robert Winston. A journey from birth to death using computer graphics and imaging.

Great Wildlife Moments
Great Wildlife Moments

documentary collection categorised by regions, travels from the vast expanses of the world's oceans to the tangle of this planet's jungles. From the skies above to the wide about natural world at its most spectacular.

Secrets Of the sexes about the perfect mate
Secrets Of the sexes

a BBC One series in three episodes (Brainsex, Love, Attraction). About how we think and fall in love, how our scientists can find the perfect mate, the results of a survey of 500,000 people from around the globe.

How To Build A Human movie series
How To Build A Human

in four episodes (Creation, Predictor, The Secret of Sex and Forever Young). You'll find answers about new human being, nature's miracle of conception, learning to clone and more.

Space movie online a BBC production in six episodes
BBC Space

documentaries movies series online in six episodes (Star Stuff, Staying Alive, Black Holes, Are We Alone?, New Worlds, Boldly Go) prezented by Sam Neill. A voyage of a lifetime from the beginnin to the far future of humanity, to find more.

The Planets movie online a BBC production in 8 episodes
BBC The Planets

in eight episodes (Different Worlds, Terra Firma, Giants, Moon, Star, Atmosphere, Life and Destiny) about our Solar System and its nature, how the journey of discovery began here on Earth, how our planet neighbourhood influences the life and tell us that in the ...

BBC Life in Cold Blood series
BBC Life in Cold Blood

a BBC nature documentary series written and presented by David Attenborough, a study of the evolution and habits of amphibians and reptiles. The Cold Blooded Truth, Land Invaders, Dragons Of The Dry, Sophisticated Serpents, Armoured Giants.

BBC Wonders of the Universe series
Wonders of the Universe

a 2011 BBC documentary series in four episodes (Destiny, Stardust, Falling, Messengers) in witch Brian Cox tell the story of universe who began 13.7 billion years ago and today it's filled with over 100 billion galaxies ...

Through the Wormhole series
Through the Wormhole

an American Science Channel documentary series which wanted to merge 'Rock Stars of Science' with the superstars of pop culture; narrated by Morgan Freeman about space, time, life itself, the secrets of the cosmos...
Documentary free practice is a complex process. It refers to what people do with media devices, content, form, and production strategies to address the creative, ethical, and conceptual problems and choices that arise as they make documentaries. Documentary can be used as a form of journalism, advocacy, or personal expression.