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Art with little puppies

Quotes from 101 Dalmatians II with Cruella de Vil, Lars, Jasper, Horace, and snapshot picture
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101 Dalmatians II - Art with little puppies - snapshot picture   CRUELLA DE VIL: Your muse has returned! LARS: But I am a failure. You should despise me. CRUELLA DE VIL: Stop being such a wet blanket and come see what I've brought for you! LARS: A gift? For me? How very Christmas morning with the twinkle lights of you. CRUELLA DE VIL: The gift of inspiration! LARS: Well, of course, these are only just about the most adorable little puppies I've ever seen in my whole life! Look at these cute little darlings! Fuzzy wuzzy little puppy poo. Poo poo, little puppy poo. Did you see that? Did you see that? He gave me a little kissy! I'm going to kiss him back now. JASPER: He's having a wobbly. LARS: And you mean for me to do a painting of them, don't you? That's an absolutely lovely idea! It makes me smile a lot. CRUELLA DE VIL: "Painting of them," he says. No, no, no, darling. I don't want you to make art of the puppies. I want you to make art with the puppies. Use their coats as canvases. Create a masterpiece in a new medium. Together, you and I will stun the art world with our ruthless originality! LARS: But that means... How could you do such a thing to the cute little puppies? JASPER: Poison them.
HORACE: Drown them. CRUELLA DE VIL: Bash them in the head! LARS: I may be eccentric, but I am not a sicko! CRUELLA DE VIL: What? LARS: And you'll not hurt one spot on these innocent little creatures' heads, not as long as I have anything to say about it! CRUELLA DE VIL: I thought you were a man of vision, someone who understood my passions, who understood the complexity that is Cruella! Does no one get the point? Lars, you're such a disappointment. Well, if I can't have a masterpiece, at least I'll finally have a fabulous Dalmatian coat. That's almost as good, don't you agree? >>> more Disney videos quotes from 101 Dalmatians II