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I do this all the time

Quotes from 101 Dalmatians II with Patch, Thunderbolt, and snapshot picture

THUNDERBOLT: Hey! Get over on the right side of the road, buddy. Sheesh, London drivers.
PATCH: I tell you, Thunder, this is the best day ever.
THUNDERBOLT: Yeah. You know, I never knew it would be so much fun out here doing this real hero stuff.
PATCH: What do you mean? Don't you do this all the time?
THUNDERBOLT: Oh, well, kid... Well, you know, it's... Of course, I do! I do this all the time! So let's talk about you, kid!
PATCH: Me? THUNDERBOLT: Yeah, what's your story? PATCH: Well... THUNDERBOLT: Hold on. Okay. Go on. >>> more Disney videos quotes from 101 Dalmatians II
  101 Dalmatians II - I do this all the time - snapshot picture