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You are all right kid

Quotes from 101 Dalmatians II with Patch, Thunderbolt, and snapshot picture
PATCH: Well, I come from this really big family. THUNDERBOLT: I knew a guy came from a big litter, 10 or 12, I forget. PATCH: There's 101 of us. THUNDERBOLT: 101 Dalmatians? Hey, I heard about you guys. Yeah, you were on the Twilight Bark. PATCH: Well, that's just it, isn't it? I'm afraid all I'll ever be is one of 101. At least that's what my dad thinks. PATCH: Hey, Thunderbolt? How do you become a One-of-a-Kind Wonder Dog, anyway? THUNDERBOLT: Well, in my case, it all hinged on getting just the right agent. But, you know, kid, getting there isn't so tough, it's staying on top. That's the real challenge. You think you're doing great and all of a sudden, there's somebody trying to take your place. PATCH: Crowd you out! THUNDERBOLT: Push you aside! PATCH: Steal your spot! THUNDERBOLT: Precisely! PATCH: Precisely! THUNDERBOLT: You know, you are all right, kid. I'll tell you what, little buddy. I'm planning on doing some more big hero stuff today. You stick with me, maybe you'll get your picture in the paper, show the world that you are not just another dog. Oh, no, no, no. Like this. Uh-oh. >>> more Disney videos quotes from 101 Dalmatians II   101 Dalmatians II - You are all right kid - snapshot picture