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You look just like Mum

Quotes from 101 Dalmatians II with Cruella de Vil, Jasper, Horace, and snapshot picture
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101 Dalmatians II - You look just like Mum - snapshot picture   JASPER: It's not fair, Horace, me lad. It's just not fair. How come she gets off with probation and a restraining order... HORACE: While we's left rotting away in here? GUARD: Off your bums, lads. Sprung for your bail, somebody has. HORACE: It must be Mum come to spring us! JASPER: Mum never liked me. Must be good old Dad! HORACE: Dad never liked you, either. CRUELLA DE VIL: Jasper, Horace. It's time to finish the job. HORACE: Oh, no, not her. We always get the worst end of it with her. JASPER: Well, if she wants us to work for her this time, we won't be made fools of. HORACE: You look just like Mum. JASPER: Shut up, you! I ain't going through with this, I tell you. I ain't! CRUELLA DE VIL: Here he comes now! HORACE: Go on, Jasper. Go on. CRUELLA DE VIL: Go! Go on, go! DRIVER: Afternoon, love! Something I can... HORACE: Hello, there. DRIVER: Something I can do for a pretty young lady like yourself? HORACE: Of course you can, you naughty man. You can just give me this truck! >>> more Disney videos quotes from 101 Dalmatians II