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Tell her the truth

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video quotes from Aladdin (1992) film with Genie, Jasmine, Aladdin, Rajah, The Magic Carpet ALADDIN: What? No way. If Jasmine found out I was really some crummy street rat, she'd laugh at me. GENIE: A woman appreciates a man who can make her laughA woman appreciates a man who can make her laugh Al, all joking aside, you really ought to be yourself. ALADDIN: Hey, that's the last thing I wanna be. Okay, I'm gonna go see her. I just... I gotta be smooth, cool, confident. How do I look?I gotta be smooth, cool, confident. How do I look? GENIE: Like a prince. ALADDIN: Princess Jasmine? PRINCESS JASMINE: Who's there? ALADDIN: It's me, Prince Ali. Ahem. Uh, Prince Ali Ababwa. PRINCESS JASMINE: I do not want to see you. ALADDIN: No, no, please, Princess. Give me a chance. PRINCESS JASMINE: Just leave me alone. ALADDIN: Down, kitty. GENIE: So, how's our little beau doing? ALADDIN: Good kitty, take off. Down, kitty. PRINCESS JASMINE: Wait. Wait. Do I know you? ALADDIN: Uh, no. No. PRINCESS JASMINE: You remind me of someone I met in the marketplace. ALADDIN: The marketplace? I have servants who go to the marketplace for me. Why, I even have servants who go to the marketplace for my servants, so it couldn't have been me you met. PRINCESS JASMINE: No. I guess not. GENIE: Enough about you, Casanova. Talk about her. She's smart, fun, the hair, the eyes. Anything. Pick a feature.Talk about her. She's smart, fun, the hair, the eyes. Anything. Pick a feature. ALADDIN: Uh, Princess Jasmine? You're very... GENIE: Wonderful, magnificent, glorious, punctual. ALADDIN: Punctual. PRINCESS JASMINE: Punctual? GENIE: Sorry. ALADDIN: Uh, beautiful. GENIE: Nice recovery. PRINCESS JASMINE: Hmm. I'm rich, too, you know. ALADDIN: Yeah. PRINCESS JASMINE: The daughter of a sultan. ALADDIN: I know. PRINCESS JASMINE: A fine prize for any prince to marryA fine prize for any prince to marry ALADDIN: Uh, right. Right. A prince like me. GENIE: Warning! Warning! PRINCESS JASMINE: Right. A prince like you. And every other stuffed shirt, swaggering peacock I've met. GENIE: Mayday! Mayday! PRINCESS JASMINE: Just go jump off a balcony! ALADDIN: What? GENIE: Stop her. Stop her! Want me to sting her? ALADDIN: Buzz off. GENIE: Okay, fine. But remember, bee yourself. ALADIN: Yeah, right. PRINCESS JASMINE: What? ALADDIN: Uh, you're right. You aren't just some prize to be won. You should be free to make your own choice. I'll go now. PRINCESS JASMINE: No! ALADDIN: What? What? PRINCESS JASMINE: How... How are you doing that? ALADDIN: It's a magic carpet. PRINCESS JASMINE: It's lovely. ALADDIN: You, uh... You don't want to go for a ride, do you? We could get out of the palace, see the world. PRINCESS JASMINE: Is it safe? ALADDIN: Sure. Do you trust me? PRINCESS JASMINE: What? ALADDIN: Do you trust me? PRINCESS JASMINE: Yes. ALADDIN: Now... PRINCESS JASMINE: Unbelievable. It's all so magical. ALADDIN: Yeah. PRINCESS JASMINE: It's a shame Abu had to miss this. ALADDIN: Nah. He hates fireworks. He doesn't like flying, either. Uh, that is, um... Oh, no. PRINCESS JASMINE: You are the boy from the market. I knew it. Why did you lie to me? ALADDIN: Jasmine, I'm sorry. PRINCESS JASMINE: Did you think I was stupid? ALADDIN: No. PRINCESS JASMINE: That I wouldn't figure it out? ALADDIN: No. I mean, I hoped you wouldn't. No, that's not what I meant. PRINCESS JASMINE: Who are you? Tell me the truthWho are you? Tell me the truth.
ALADDIN: The truth? The truth. Um...
The truth is...
I sometimes dress as a commoner to escape the pressures of palace life.
But I really am a prince.
PRINCESS JASMINE: Why didn't you just tell me?
ALADDIN: Well, you know, royalty going out into the city in disguise, it sounds a little strange, don't you think?
Not that strange.
Good night, my handsome prince.
ALADDIN: Sleep well, Princess.
ALADDIN: For the first time in my life, things are starting to go right.

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