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Touch nothing but the lamp

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video quotes from Aladdin (1992) film with Cave of wonders, Abu, Prisoner, Aladdin, Iago PRISONER: Remember boy, first fetch me the lamp, and then you shall have your rewardfirst fetch me the lamp, and then you shall have your reward ALADDIN: Come on, Abu. ALADDIN: Would you look at that! ABU: Ohh? ALADDIN: Just a handful of this stuff would make me richer than the sultan. Abu! ABU: Ohh? ALADDIN: Don't touch anything. We gotta find that lamp. ABU: Huh? ABU: Hoh? Aladdin! ALADDIN: Abu, will you knock it off? ABU: Oah? Aladdin! ALADDIN: Abu, what are you, crazy? A magic carpetA magic carpet! ALADDIN: Come on. Come on out. We're not gonna hurt you. ABU: Hooah! ALADDIN: Hey, take it easy, Abu. He's not gonna bite. Thanks. ABU: Hiihh! ALADDIN: Wait a minute. Don't go. Maybe you can help us. Hey! Whoa! You see, we're trying to find this lamp. I think he knows where it is. ALADDIN: Wait here. ABU: Oh! ALADDIN: This is itThis is it? ALADDIN: This is what we came all the way down here to... Abu! No! CAVE OF WONDERS: Infidels! ABU: Uh-oh. CAVE OF WONDERS: You have touched the forbidden treasure! Now you will never again see the light of day! ALADDIN: Whoa! ABU: Help! Help! Help! ALADDIN: Gotcha! ALADDIN: Carpet, let's move. Abu! Abu, this is no time to panicthis is no time to panic ALADDIN: Start panicking. Whoa! ABU: Oaahhh! ALADDIN: Help me out. PRISONER: Throw me the lamp. ALADDIN: I can't hold on. Give me your hand. PRISONER: First give me the lamp. Yes! At last! ALADDIN: What are you doing? PRISONER: Giving you your reward. Your eternal reward. ALADDIN: Oooooo! JAFAR: It's mine. It's all mine. Where is it? No. No!
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