Nothing in the World Quite Like a Friend

video song from Aladdin 2: The Return of Jafar (1994), words and music by Dale Gonyea and Michael Silversher; performed
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by Dan Castellaneta (Blue Genie), Liz Callaway (Princess Jasmine), Brad Kane (Aladdin) Lyrics and pictures Blue Genie: I parachuted down into the Taj MahalI parachuted down into the Taj Mahal / I rode a (I don't know) / Along the great Great Wall! / I even made the famous / Leaning Tower fall, / But who was with me through it all? / Nobody! / Hired me to fly trapeze / On Mount Olympus, / Ran a race with Hercules / It's easy when you're chased by killer bees!! / Who said "geshundheit" when I sneezed? / So now I'm home, / Home again with you, / You chase the clouds away / Whenever I am blue Aladdin: You're always blue! Blue Genie: And The pyramids I highly recommendthe pyramids, I highly recommend / There is Nothing like a friendnothing in the world quite like a friend! / Slept like a babe in Bombay on a bed of nailsSlept like a babe in Bombay on a bed of nails / Moroccans set my fairy tales / Of seven veils / I single-handedly / I even saved the whales! / No one was there to hear my tales! / In Acapulco joined a Mariachi bandIn Acapulco joined a Mariachi band / I rode the ragin' rapids / Down the Rio Grande / Flew in a air balloon, / But when I tried to land / Nobody laughed, / Or lent a hand / Without you, The Amazon is just a trickleThe Amazon is just a trickle / Without you, the Sahara's / Not so hot / Without you, Niagara Falls / Is just a leaky faucet / And the Huey II / Is just some yacht / Now that I'm home, / Home again, it's clear, / All I ever wanted / Seems to be right here / I've traveled East and West / And now, I'm back again / And there's nothing in the world / Quite like a friend.. Aladdin: There's nothing in the world Princess Jasmine: Nothing in the whole wide world All: There is nothing in the world / Quite like a friend! Blue Genie: Nothin' in the whole wide world!
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