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Aladdin 2 video quotes - Father wants you for dinner

Quotes from Aladdin 2 with Princess Jasmine, Aladdin, Abu, and snapshot picture
ALADDIN: Easy, Rajah. You know me. Aladdin? OK, Rajah, OK. I'm glad to see you, too. ALADDIN: How do I look? PRINCESS JASMINE: I think you look fine. ALADDIN: Jasmine! PRINCESS JASMINE: Where were you? I missed you. ALADDIN: I had to pick up a few things. This is for you. PRINCESS JASMINE: Oh, Aladdin! It's lovely! ABU: "It's lovely." PRINCESS JASMINE: It must have cost a fortune. ALADDIN: Oh, no, it was a steal. PRINCESS JASMINE: Father wants you to join us for dinner tonight. He's going to make a royal announcement. ALADDIN: And he wants me there? PRINCESS JASMINE: It's about you. ALADDIN: Am I in trouble? PRINCESS JASMINE: Let's just say this is a dinner you don't want to miss. ALADDIN: Jasmine, what's going on? PRINCESS JASMINE: I promised Father I wouldn't spoil his surprise. You've made quite an impression, you know. ALADDIN: So I'm not in trouble? PRINCESS JASMINE: Of course not. You defeated Jafar, saved Agrabah and rescued a princess. Aladdin, you are a hero. ALADDIN: Yeah, I guess so. That's me. Ready for anything! ALADDIN: Abu! PRINCESS JASMINE: You may want to change before dinner, though.   Aladdin 2 - Father wants you for dinner - snapshot picture