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Aladdin 2 video quotes - Is thief Abis Mal - Disney videos

Quotes from Aladdin 2 with Abis Mal, Razoul, Iago, Aladdin, Abu, and snapshot picture;
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ABIS MAL: You look familiar. THE THIEVES: It's Aladdin. ABIS MAL: Where?! It is? I knew that! Hurt him a lot! Hurt him and his monkey and his bird, too! THIEF: Treacherous parrot! IAGO: Look, I'm not with him! Monkey, help! They're after me! THIEF: You won't dance out of this one! IAGO: That's it! Now I'm mad! Mess with this bird, huh? And I got more where that came from! MERCHANT: My eggs... ruined! Who will pay for them? ABIS MAL: Oh, go away. MERCHANT: Guards! Guards! RAZOUL: What is the trouble here? GUARD: It is that thief Abis Mal! RAZOUL: After them! IAGO: Jerks. ALADDIN: Thanks for your help. You saved me. IAGO: I did? Right! Oh, yeah! Of course I saved you! It's my nature. I'm always rescuing things. Cats, babies, guys like you, always rescuing. Hey, what's going on?! Is this any way to treat your rescuer?! You owe me, pal! I saved your life! ALADDIN: Abu, wait! He's right. I do owe him. I'll see that the sultan gives him a fair hearing. IAGO: What?! The sultan?! ALADDIN: Don't worry, I'll talk to him. Soften him up a little.
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  Aladdin 2 - Is thief Abis Mal - snapshot picture