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Aladdin 2 video quotes - To be a royal vizier - Disney videos

Quotes from Aladdin 2 with Blue Genie, The Sultan, Aladdin, Princess Jasmine, and snapshot picture; Share this video quotes
BLUE GENIE: OK, prepare yourselves for a real culinary treat. THE SULTAN: Oh-ho-ho-ho, my! Whoopsie. Most amusing! BLUE GENIE: Amusing, right. Excuse me while I pull myself together. THE SULTAN: Absolutely delightful! Now, to business. Aladdin, you have proven to be a man of strong moral character. That is why I've decided to make you my new royal vizier. ALADDIN: Me? Really? PRINCESS JASMINE: Isn't it wonderful? BLUE GENIE: Wow! Royal vizier! Aladdin would like to thank the Academy for this great honor! You want 'em? We got 'em! Royal vizier T-shirts! All hail Aladdin, the royal vizier! So, what's a royal vizier? THE SULTAN: Well, he will be my most trusted advisor. BLUE GENIE: Well, that makes sense. He's bound to be better than that Jafar character. THE SULTAN: Quite so! BLUE GENIE: And Iago... talk about a rat with wings! ALADDIN: Genie? BLUE GENIE: That bird was mean! Sultan want a cracker? Remember that? THE SULTAN: I can still taste them! The traitor! BLUE GENIE: Yes, sir! You don't see this guy hanging out with any evil parrots! ALADDIN: It's funny you should mention Iago. >>> more Disney videos quotes from Aladdin 2   Aladdin 2 - To be a royal vizier - snapshot picture