You're Only Second Rate

video song from Aladdin 2: The Return of Jafar (1994), words and music by Randy Petersen and Kevin Quinn; performed by
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Jonathan Freeman (Jafar) Lyrics and pictures I must admit your parlor tricks are amusingI must admit your parlor tricks are amusing / I bet you've got a bunny / Under your hat! / Now here's your chance / To get the best of me, / Hope your hand is hot! / C'mon, clown, / Let's see what you've got! / You try to slam me / With your hardest stuff / But your double whammy / Isn't up to snuff / I'll set the record straight / You're simply out of date / You're only second rate! / You think your cat's a meanine, / But your tiger's tame / You've got a lot to learn about the genie gameYou've got a lot to learn about the genie game / So for your information, / I'll reiterate / You're only second rate! Men cower at the powerMen cower at the power / In my pinky / My thumb is number one / On every list / But if you're not convinced / That I'm invincible, / Put me to the test! / I'd love to lay this rivalry to rest! / Go ahead and zap me / With the big surprise / Snap me in a trap, / Cut me down to size / I'll make a big escape / It's just a piece of cakeIt's just a piece of cake you're only second rate! / You know, your hocus-pocus / Isn't tough enough / And your mumbo-jumbo / Doesn't measure up / Let me pontificate / Upon your sorry state / You're only second rate! / Zaba-caba-dabra! / Granny's gonna grab ya! / Alakazam-da-mus / And this thing's bigger than the both of us! / So spare me your tremendous scare! / You look horrendous in your underwear! / And I can hardly wait / To discombobulate / I'll send ya back and packing / In a shipping crate / You'll make a better living / With a spinning plate / You're only second rate!
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