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Bambi II | 2

Quotes It looks like I scared the shadow right out of him. Did you see the look on his... Hey! Hey! Hey, hey, hey! Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! Hey! Where's everybody going? Forest on fire? Who are you? Name's Ronno, and these are the boys Stab and Jab. Well, I hope the three of you have a nice day. I wouldn't go that way if I were you. That's where I saw a man. You saw a man? There I was, out in the meadow. Suddenly I heard this voice luring me in. I'm here, I'm here. See, man's got this stick that can make his voice sound like one of us. But I'm way too smart for that, so I crept up on him... real quiet. Then bam! I knocked him out with my trusty antlers. That's quite a story. Oh, you think so? Mm-hm. It's... unbelievable. Yeah. Unbelievable. You calling me a liar? No. You wanna spar, do ya? No! Clobber him, Bambi. Bambi? Isn't that a girl's name? Come on. Let's go. Just a little, friendly competition. Ronno! Coming, Mother. Yeah. Maybe you should get going. Jeez, I was only playing around with him. Isn't that right, Bambi? Ronno! I'm coming! Ma! How many times do I have to tell you? Don't bother me when I'm trying to make new friends. Sorry, dear. You big mama's boy! Why don't you run home to your mama? You big old mama's boy! Thumper! Coming, Mama. Gotta go. See you, Bambi. So tell me, what did the groundhog see? See you, Bambi. Do you want us to walk you home? No.
My father's coming for me. Well, it was nice to see you again, Bambi. Mother? I miss you so much. Shh. There, there. It's going to be all right. You'll see. Why did you have to go? Everything in the forest has its season. Where one thing falls, another grows. Maybe not what was there before, but something new and wonderful, all the same. But I feel so alone. I'm always with you. Even when you can't see me, I'm here. I'm here. I'm here. I'm here. Hello. Hello? I'm here. Mother? It's me. I'm here. Hello. I'm here. Wait! I'm coming. Hello? Hello. I'm here. It's me. Mother? I'm here. Hello. Hello. I'm here. Bambi! Run, Bambi! Run, Bambi! Go! Now! But it was Mother. I heard her voice. It was one of man's tricks. I'm sorry. What if I hadn't gotten there in time? You could have been... When I tell you to run, you run. Never freeze like that, ever! I'm... I'm sorry. Let's go home. She's never coming back, is she? No. Friend Owl. Hm? Winter is coming to an end. You should have little trouble finding a new home for Bambi. Big brother! Oh, big brother! Big brother! Every time we turn our backs he's gone. Search everywhere. Leave no stone unturned. How come we're hiding from your sisters? Shh! I think they're sweet. Well, you don't have to live with them. Back up. Watch it! Come on! Push harder! Agh! Sheesh. So, where are we off to today? You're going to stay near the den where it's safe. But I'm ready for danger, for adventure, for... for... The den. Yeah. Yeah, good idea. I'll stay and guard the den. Hey, Bambi. What's wrong? Nothing. Come on. You can tell your bestest friend. Well my father never takes me with him anymore. I guess I'm not what a prince's son is supposed to be. If I could just show him. Show him what? That I can be brave like him. If that's all it is, being brave is easy. I can teach you. You can? Sure. Watch this. Aaar! I think he's got a hairball. No, I'm being brave, silly. The trick is to be scarier than whatever's scaring you. See? Grrr! Grrr! You look like a squirrel. Oh, oh, watch me, watch me! Grrr! E-e-ew, Flower! You just found your inner strength. Oh, gosh! OK. Now, stand very straight. Stick out your chest. Take the deepest breath you ever took in your whole life. Now let it out with a big grrr. Baa! You're gonna need a lot of practice. Come on. Do what I do. I'm a mountain lion. Raargh! Oh. Oh! I'm a... a bear. Baa! I'm a turtle. Grrr. What? Turtles are so scary. Come on. You can do it. Raargh! Baa! Come on, now. Watch this. Raargh! Grrr! Baa! Yeah, that's it. Come on. Try it again. Baa! Yeah. That was good. Grrr! Baa! Grrr! Come on, come on! Baa! Argh! Grrr! Raargh! Yeah, that's it. Grrr! Whoa! Whoa! Baa! Grrr! Aaar! Grrr! Raargh! Watch this. Raargh! See? There's nothing to it. All it takes is one good grrr. Grrr! Porky pine! Get out and stay out, you trespassing hooligans. Trashy, muddy paws. Couldn't you have anything nice? Well, we can always swim across. Uh-oh. Let's go before he sees you. No. This is it. I can show my dad how brave I am. You better hurry. Don't worry. I'll take care of your dad. And remember what I taught you. Grrr! I'm gonna walk across this log. Baa! Get off my property, you pesky squirrel. I-I'm not a squirrel. I'm the young prince.

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