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Quotes Where you going, Princey? Not this way. Try again. Help! There's this thing, and it's got these eyes, and these claws like... grrr! And it walks around like this. Hai, hai, hai. And, well, you gotta see it. Well, come on! Ha! Try again! Try again! Try again! You don't understand. I have to get across. Go around. In my day, we didn't wander willy-nilly onto someone's property. We took the long way. It sometimes took days, weeks, in the pouring rain, 'cause we had a little thing called respect. Bambi, you did it! Yeah? Oh, you did it all right. Behind you! Look out! Again! Come again! Hurry up! It's right over here. Oops. Wrong way. Nothing here. Whoa! Whoa! What was that? I didn't hear anything. Probably a bird. Yeah, that's it. A bird. Ow! Oh, no. Ha! That'll teach you. Think twice before you trespass round here again. Mind your own beeswax next time. Grrr, grrr, grrr. That's the problem with these kids today. No respect. No respect at all. What are you looking at, you big moose? Ahem. Bambi, are you OK? How does it look? Ew! I'm not gonna lie to you. It ain't pretty. It's hopeless. I'm a coward. No. You're brave. Ow! No one's ever got that far across before. Ow! That's the great thing about me. I don't feel any pain. Watch this. Argh! Oh! See? Nothing. Ow! What was that? Ah, probably just some poor, dumb animal caught in a trap. So anyways... Ow! Bambi! Hey! I wasn't finished talking about me. Just one more. Bambi, what happened? Bambi got stuck by a porky pine. A porcupine? Where? Hold still! It was nothing. Are you hurt? Stop moving! I'm fine. Really. It's just... Ow! Got it. Bambi. I thought I recognized that scream. I'm surprised to see you moving. It was only a porcupine. No, no, no. I'm talking about how you froze out on the meadow, and right in front of your father. Ronno! Don't feel bad. If we didn't have cowards, we couldn't tell who the brave ones are. Hm. I'm not a coward. Baa! Oh, uh, yeah, sure, sure. Come on. Let's go. I'm staying here. Ah, come on. Ronno, quit it. Leave her alone. Did you say something, Bambi? No. Uh, well... I mean, yes. Leave her alone. Please? You tell him, Bambi. Oh, wook. It's the wittle bunny and the wittle skunk. Does the young prince play with the wittle bunny and the wittle skunk? Grrr! Run! Run, Bambi! Aarrgh! Whoa! Other way! Other way!
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Turn around! Turn around! Aaaarrrgh! We made it. What's the matter? Too scared? Uh-huh. Look at him. Look at him shaking. Now who's the baby, you big baby? Whoa! Um... Hello. I told you to stay near the den. When I give you an order, I expect you to... How did you... Did you jump? Yes, sir. Hm. I didn't make a jump like that until I had antlers. Yes. Well... We should be going... um... home. He's never said anything nice like that before. I guess he saw how brave you were. Gosh, what a jump. It was like flying. What's the big deal? Anyone can make that jump. Aaaargh! A-a-aarrgh! Come on. You jumped further than this yesterday. I... don't know. You're not afraid, are you? You're too afraid. You cannot jump. Ner-ner-ner ner-ner! Argh! Whoo-hoo! You did it. Let's do it again. And this time put it out further. Come on, Bambi. You can do it. Wait till your dad sees this. Oh. Good morning, sir. Ahem. Morning, Owl. Just thought I'd let you know that the search is off to a flying start. Oh! Yes, well, no pun intended... with the flying as I'm an an owl. Yes, well. I've met with several does already who would make excellent mothers. Put it out further! Unless you've changed your mind? No, I have not. Hey, watch this! Watch this! Whoa! Did I make it? Yep. You did it. What exactly are you doing? I'm practicing my jumps. Yeah. See? Mm. I see. I don't get it. Yesterday he really liked it. What's he doing, anyway? I don't know, but he sure does an awful lot of it. Well, why don't you ask him? Oh, he looks busy. I better not. Parents like it when you ask them questions - lots and lots of questions. Really? Go on. I'm right behind you. Um... uh... What are you doing? Observing. Oh. Observing. What's observing? Well, it's difficult to explain. Oh. You have to look, listen and smell, all at the same time. Oh, I can do that. Look, listen, smell. Try to feel the forest around you. I don't feel anything. Does playing in the meadow. How do you know? I feel it in my hooves. If there was danger, they'd know to stomp, and But wouldn't you be scared? Perhaps, but I would still run to them. A prince may be afraid, but he Wow. You know everything. Not everything. Well, the forest is waiting. Are you coming? Oh! Sure! Big brother! Oh, for crying out loud! Feel the forest. Feel the forest. Feel the forest. Bambi! Feel the... Felt it. Hm. When will I get my antlers? Won't be long now if you're anything like I was. Am I? Well, only one way to find out. Wow! Bambi, time to go to sleep. But I can't sleep. I'm wide awake. Try. OK, I'll try. It was funny when you chased that cricket, then there was one more, then one more. Yes, yes. Now, get some sleep. Flower sleeps all winter. Why do we sleep? Everything must get rest. Some at night, some during the day. Some not at all. Mother's resting now, isn't she? Oh, I forgot. A prince leaves the past in the past, right? That's enough questions for today. Now, please get some sleep. OK. Good night.

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