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Fifi's Folly

watch part of Beauty and the Beast: Belle's Magical World Disney movie where we learn that some things are not always what they seem Pictures and full quotes with: Belle, Lumiere, Fifi, Cogsworth, Mrs. Potts, Chip, LePlume, Punch Bowl, Sultan and Tubaloo
LEPLUME: Mademoiselle. Are you all right? You seem. Uh. Dizzy with fever. FIFI: Some things are not always as they seemSome things are not always as they seem for I am dizzy with love. This dusting. It's a dirty job. No? But someone must do it. COGSWORTH: Come. Fifi. My girl. Time is of the essence. We must have this room spotless. FIFI: Madame? Heh. Do you know what day tomorrow is? BELLE: Uh. Saturday? FIFI: A Saturday unlike any other for it is the fifth anniversary of my first date with Monsieur Lumiere, the light of my life. But I have a problem. He surely has marvelous plans for our evening. BELLE: Surely. FIFI: Perhaps I should dye my feathers? No doubt he will take me for a moonlight serenade, or perhaps a quiet but elegant dinner for two. What do you think? Mademoiselle? BELLE: Oh. I'm sure whatever it is. It'll be a big surpriseIt'll be a big surprise. LUMIERE: What?! Our anniversary? Of course. I remember the first anniversary of our fifth date. It's. Uh. Next. Uh. How's Tuesday sound? BELLE: The fifth anniversary of your first date is Saturday. LUMIERE: Oh? Pardonnez-moi. I must have wax in my ear. I thought you said. BELLE: Saturday. LUMIERE: Goodness. No. My child. That's tomorrow. Tomorrow?! Sacre bleu! I am. As we say. In hot water! BELLE: She may be expecting something special. LUMIERE: But of course! I knew that. There is so much to prepare! I must have flowers. I must bathe. I must polish. There must be music. Moonlight. I will tell her... tell her... mmm... oh... oh. No. What shall I tell her? I must have a speechI must have a speech. A speech! "Fifi. You are so feathery." Uh. "Fifi. Words cannot express." "My one. My only. My... my..." Oh. My. My! Aah! Fire! Fire! Fire! MRS. POTTS: Oh. Dear! Chip. Get your brothers and tell them to fill up first. Hurry! COGSWORTH: All right. Everyone. Please remain calm. Aah! All right. Single file. People. Containers to the front of the line. Everyone. To the front of the lire. Well. Not the flammable ones. BELLE: What? COGSWORTH: All right. People. People. Urgency. Urgency. BELLE: Come with me. Mrs. Potts. MRS. POTTS: Oh. But. Dear. I'm carrying the master's tea. What will he say? BELLE: Well. What will he say if the castle burns downWhat will he say if the castle burns down? COGSWORTH: Well done! LUMIERE: Yay! MRS. POTTS: You've saved us all. My dear. COGSWORTH: All right. Show's over. Nothing to see. Move along now. Come. Come. Come. Come. Orderly fashion. Briskly. Thank you. Now. If I might inquire. Who was responsible for? LUMIERE: Madame. There is no way to thank you except to say. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. BELLE: What in the world were you doing. Lumiere? LUMIERE: I was working on the speech. I would give to Fifi on our anniversary. BELLE: Speech? Surely you'll simply say what's in your heartSurely you'll simply say what's in your heart. LUMIERE: Madame. You cannot know much about women. BELLE: Heh. Monsieur. I know a little. LUMIERE: Forgive me. I must rehearse. Ahem. Fifi. Your lips are redder than the red of the reddest red rose. How's it sounding? BELLE: Rehearsed. LUMIERE: Oh. Impossible! BELLE: Just tell her how you feel. LUMIERE: But I cannot speak the truth which is in my heart. She'd never buy it. There is no hope. BELLE: Lumiere. How can you say such things? LUMIERE: For me. Words of love flow like waterWords of love flow like water. But sincerity? It's honestly impossible. BELLE: Then. Monsieur. Let me help you find the words to speak your feelings. You tell me everything about that first date and I'll help you put your deepest most honest feelings into words. LUMIERE: You are heaven-sent. Mwah. A beautiful angel from above. Now let us begin. We carrot do it here. The little ore might see us. FIFI: Oh. LUMIERE: Come. Ma cherie we shall. As they say. Make beautiful music together. FIFI: She pretends to be my friend even as she ignites this burning passion in my beloved Lumiere. LUMIERE: It was a night of magic. I began with a serenade. FIFI: He serenades the awful creature just as he did me. LUMIERE: Then we walked together into the night. FIFI: And they walk just as we walked. LUMIERE: The evening concluded with a romantic sleigh ride through the moonlit snowThe evening concluded with a romantic sleigh ride through the moonlit snow. BELLE: That's just how tomorrow night should be and I'll help you make it happen. Now. You must tell me how you are honestly feeling about her. LUMIERE: L. heh heh. I was. Uh she, she was. Uh. we, we were. Uh. Ah! I cannot! BELLE: You can. Or perhaps it'll be easier if you pretend that I am Fifi. FIFI: She has no shame. Oh. BELLE: Tell me everything you'd tell her. LUMIERE: It is so difficult. I wart to. You must know I wart to more than anything. FIFI: He weakens under the spell of the wretched enchantress. LUMIERE: I am ready now. I shall do it. FIFI: Ohh. Her evil power is too great for my beloved. LUMIERE: Remember. If she sees you. You don't see her. I don't know you. And you don't know me. Is that clear? TUBALOO: Mm-mm. Mm-mm. LUMIERE: OK. At precisely 9:47. I want you and your friends FIFI: Lumiere? LUMIERE: Huh? FIFI: Where are you going with that tuba? LUMIERE: What tuba? BELLE: Lumiere. Weren't you coming to see me? LUMIERE: My dear. You must remember things are not always as they seemYou must remember things are not always as they seem. MRS. POTTS: What's this. Then? Whatever's the matter. Dear? Why the tears?
FIFI: What tears? MRS. POTTS: You tell Mrs. Potts what's bothering you. I'm sure whatever it is. It can't be as bad as all that.
FIFI: But. Madame. If you were I and you'd just lost the man of your dreams you would cry. Toooo!
MRS. POTTS: Mademoiselle. If I were you. I'd have no trouble with men.
FIFI: But the love of my life is no more and I don't know what to do to get him back.
LEPLUME: Mon ami. The male will never respond unless he has no choice. Unless he feels threatened.
FIFI: I do not understand. Monsieur.
LEPLUME: Jealousy! That is the most powerful of all emotions. When you make him jealous. He is in your complete control. FIFI: Ahh. Merci.
LEPLUME: When it comes to love. I wrote the book.

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