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Brother Bear 2 video quotes - A lot of berries - Disney videos

Quotes from Brother Bear 2 with Patrick Dempsey as Kenai, Jeremy Suarez as Koda, Dave Thomas as Tuke, Tress MacNeille as Hoonah, and snapshot picture; Share this video quotes
Brother Bear 2 - A lot of berries - snapshot picture
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KODA: Awesome! Let's do it again! TUG: Hey, Kenai! KENAI: Hiya, Tug! TUG: Where y'all off to in such a hurry? KENAI: Crowberry Ridge. KODA: We're gonna get dibs. There's elderberries, salmonberries, raspberries, whortleberries, strawberries, huckleberries, crowberries... TUG: Hey, hey, hey, slow down now. That's a lot of berries. KODA: Yeah, there's plenty! You wanna come with us? HOONAH: Tug! TUG: Well, I'd love to, Little Koda, but can't keep the girls waiting. KODA: Aw, who needs girls? We're two footloose guys out on the tundra. KENAI: That's right. Kenai and Koda. We don't need anybody else. TUG: OK, but you can't run from love. HOONAH: Tug! TUG: It has a way of tracking you down. Hi, Hoonah! You look mighty lovely today. KODA: Did you see the look on Tug's face? "Can't keep the girls waiting!" KENAI: All right. How about we get some rest? KODA: Rest? We've been hibernating for six months. Who needs rest? KENAI: Who needs rest? A couple of bears who'll beat the other bears to Crowberry Ridge. KODA: We'll get first dibs on the berries, right? KENAI: Yeah, you bet. If you promise to go to sleep. KODA: OK, OK, OK. KODA: I know all bears like berries, but I love berries. KENAI: Good night, Koda.
KODA: Are you a berry-liker or berry-lover? KENAI: Good night, Koda. >>> more Disney videos quotes from Brother Bear 2