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Brother Bear 2 video quotes - Help with an opening line - Disney videos

Quotes from Brother Bear 2 with Rick Moranis as Rutt, Dave Thomas as Tuke, Andrea Martin as Anda, Catherine O'Hara as Kata, Patrick Dempsey as Kenai, Mandy Moore as Nita, Jeremy Suarez as Koda, and snapshot picture; Share this video quotes
Brother Bear 2 - Help with an opening line - snapshot picture
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Tuke: OK, so, like, we gotta go. Rutt: We'll see ya around. Tuke: So, we'll give you a call. Rutt: Yeah, we'll catch you later. Tuke: Yeah, we gotta go work out. Rutt: Yeah. Gotta keep these muscles real buff. Tuke: So long. Hey, look, it's big bear. Rutt: Beauty. Kenai: Hey, guys. Tuke: Boy, are we glad to see you. Rutt: Yeah, yeah, 'cause we finally found a couple of real moosettes. Right down there by the stream. Tuke and Rutt: Bye! Tuke: Toodle-oo! Rutt: So long! Anda: Those guys are weird. Kata: Don't look. You'll only encourage them. Rutt: But they won't give us the time of day. Tuke: So, what we was thinking is you could help us with, you know, an opening line, like: "Hey, I see you like to eat twigs." Rutt: Or how about a sonnet? Like: "Shall I compare thee to a summer's dew?" Tuke: Gee. Forget that brainy stuff. They're not owls. I like, "Hey, ladies. Nice dewlaps. Are those things rea...?" Nita: Excuse me. Tuke: Gee. Hunter. Tuke: Hunter! Tuke: Run! Tuke: Bye! Every moose for himself. Act like we're not here. Koda: It's OK. This is Nita. She's with me and Kenai. Tuke: She is? Rutt: Well, pleased to meet ya. Tuke: How's it goin'? Rutt: I'm Rutt, this is my brother... Nita: Kenai, what's the holdup? We have to set up camp on that far peak before sundown. Oh, nice to meet you. Kenai: Scary, isn't she? Nita: Let's go. We're running out of daylight. Kenai: Nita, calm down. We got plenty of time.
Nita: A smart traveler always allows for unexpected delays. Kenai: Well, this won't be a delay if you let me have a minute to give these guys a little romantic advice. Nita: Romantic advice? From you? Stop kidding. Let's go! Kenai: You know, boys, I think this calls for more than just a good opening line. Tuke: It does? Yeah, yeah, of course. Kenai: Acts of bravery - that's what really impresses the ladies. Rutt: Gee, bravery sounds scary. Kenai: No, no, you just have to pretend to be brave. Tuke: Yeah? Kenai: I'll go out there, I'll act all ferocious, and then you guys come over the beaver dam and rescue them. Tuke: OK. Yeah, yeah. Rutt: That's a beauty plan. Tuke: He's smart. Not like you. Rutt: Get out. Nita: Kenai! We don't have time for this! Kenai! Koda: It's no use. This falls under "You can't tell Kenai nothing." Anda: What's wrong with him? Kata: Maybe he got ahold of some bad salmon. Nita: This is stupid. Rutt: This oughta impress the ladies for sure. Tuke: Yeah. Kenai: I'm a big hungry bear, and I'm gonna rip you to shreds! Roar! I said I'm gonna rip you to shreds! Tuke: I think that's our cue. Rutt: Yeah. Beauty. Tuke: Let's go. Fear not, Moosettes! I, Tuke, and my brother, Rutt, will save you. Rutt: Yeah. Tuke: What ho, largish bear. Rutt: Touch not those fair moosette ladies. Tuke: You'll have to go through us if you want them. Rutt: Yeah! You'll have to kill us. Tuke: What? No, no, not kill us. Rutt: Sorry. Maybe not kill us, but just, you know, push us down or something. Rutt: Jeez, that was scary. I thought I was gonna wet my hooves. Tuke: You can go back to grazing. Nothing to see here. Rutt: Toodle-oo! Kenai: Hey, wait! Guys, where are you going? Don't leave! Kata: This used to be such a quiet river. Anda: Yes. Let's get outta here. Nice rack on that little one, though. Kata: Are you kidding? All antler and no brain. Nita: That went well.
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