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Brother Bear 2 video quotes - Little kid animal friends - Disney videos

Quotes from Brother Bear 2 with Dave Thomas as Tuke, Rick Moranis as Rutt, Andrea Martin as Anda, Catherine O'Hara as Kata, Patrick Dempsey as Kenai, Mandy Moore as Nita, Jeremy Suarez as Koda, and snapshot picture; Share this video quotes
Brother Bear 2 - Little kid animal friends - snapshot picture
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Kenai: Guys, don't sweat it. I got another plan. Nita: Yeah. I think we've all seen your expertise on romance. Kenai: Yeah, very funny. Don't we have an amulet to burn? Nita: We can spare a moment. Rutt and Tuke: Beauty. Nita: What you need here, excuse me, is a woman's point of view. Tuke: Yeah? Nita: And a plan that actually works. Rutt: That's beauty. Koda: Hi. I'm playing with my two best friends and I need a place to hide. Kata: Look at the sweet little thing. Anda: Jeez, I could just eat him up. Nita: Go, go. Get moving. Tuke: Beauty. Rutt: Good luck. Nita: Rutt, would you get going? Rutt: OK. Tuke: Excuse us, ladies. We're looking for our pal. Anda: Brownish? Tuke: Why, yes. Kata: Furry? Tuke: Yes again. Anda: About yea big? Tuke: That's him. Kata: Haven't seen him. Koda: Here I am. Fooled you. I win. Tuke: There's no beating you, little buddy. Anda: Look at that. Kata: You're so good with him. Tuke: Yeah. We have lots of little kid animal friends. We know a little weasel and a little badger. And we've even got some little baby bunny friends. A smallish bear is like a babe magnet. Rutt: Ohh! Tuke: Socialize. Tuke: So, would you ladies be interested in grazing on some twigs? Anda: No thanks. We just ate. Kata: We love twigs. Tuke: Really? So do we. Right, little brother? Rutt: Shall I compare thee to a summer's dew? Tuke: Jeez. Rutt: Though it aren't more lovely and more dewy than you.
Tuke: Nice move. Kata: What's wrong with him? Tuke: Don't mind my little brother. He was trampled by an elk herd as a calf. Anda: Jeez, that's awful. Rutt: That's not true. It was only half a herd. Tuke: You're serious, right? Koda: Smooth! Nita: Remind me again, who's the better moose matchmaker? Kenai: Beginner's luck. Nita: Jealous? Kenai: All right. That was really nice. Koda: Guys, I did good. Did ya see me? I did it. Kenai: You do pretty amazing things with moose. That's great. Wonderful. Koda: Hey! Wait for me. >>> more Disney videos quotes from Brother Bear 2