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Brother Bear 2 video quotes - Man and woman as one - Disney videos

Quotes from Brother Bear 2 with Nita's Father, Mandy Moore as Nita, and snapshot picture; Share this video quotes
Brother Bear 2 - Man and woman as one - snapshot picture
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Nita's Father: You look as beautiful in that dress as your mother did on our wedding day.
Nita: Thanks, Daddy. I wanted to wear something of hers today.
Nita's Father: That means so much to me. Your mother would be so proud.
Nita: I wish she was here.
Nita's Father: She is. In here. Once you love someone, they stay in your heart forever. Are you ready to meet Atka?
Nita's Father: Great spirits, we come before you today to bond this man and this woman as one. We pray this pleases you.
Nita's Father: Nita!
Man from village: The spirits are trying to tell us something.
Woman from village: It must be a sign.

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