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Brother Bear 2 video quotes - Miss Constant Weight - Disney videos

Quotes from Brother Bear 2 with Wanda Sykes as Innoko, Mandy Moore as Nita, and snapshot picture; Share this video quotes
Brother Bear 2 - Miss Constant Weight - snapshot picture
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Nita: I don't understand! How could this happen? The villagers say it's a sign. Innoko: The villagers? What the heck do they know? Do you want the advice of the villagers or a professional? Nita: No, definitely a professional. They say that in all the tribes, you are the wisest shaman. Innoko: Sha-woman! OK? "Wise" and "man" don't even belong in the same sentence. Let's get down to business. So the ice cracked right out from under you. Sure you haven't put on a few pounds? Come on, girl to girl. Nita: No. My weight's been constant. Innoko: Well, lucky you, Miss Constant Weight. Tell you what. Why don't we just ask the spirits, OK? Nita: Yeah? What are they saying? Innoko: Don't interrupt! It ain't all about you. They say... You can't marry Ka-ka! Nita: Atka. Innoko: Whatever! The point is you're already matched up, Miss Two-Timer. Nita: Already matched up? To whom? Innoko: To the one who gave you this. Look at that picture. That thing is crystal-clear. Nita: Kenai? Innoko: The bear boy? Nita: No, no, no. We were just kids. Innoko: I've heard that one before. Nita: There has to be a way to undo this.
Innoko: Undo it? You can't undo what's been done. It's done. Case closed. No more conversation. There is one way. You must go and eat an ox. Nita: What? Innoko: Wait. I'm sorry. It's the equinox. Does this place mean anything to you? Nita: Hokani Falls? That's where Kenai gave me the amulet. Innoko: You gotta go to Hokani Falls. And on the eve of the equinox, when the spirits change winter into spring, you must burn the amulet and send the bond back up to the ancestors. You know, you might wanna write some of this down. Nita: The equinox is only three days away! I have to get going. Innoko: With the person who gave you the amulet. Nita: Kenai? But he's a bear. Innoko: Yeah? Nita: You know. A bear? Innoko: I know what a bear is, and I suggest you go look in the woods. Nita: Well, even if I find him, how will I talk to him? Innoko: How will you talk to him? Don't be afraid. It's in there. That ain't it. Come on, try it again. I don't know what that was. One more time.
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