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KORI TURBOWITZ: We're live at the Los Angeles International Speedway as the first competitor, Lightning McQueen, is arriving at the track. Is it true he's gonna pose for Cargirl? What's your strategy? What? Did I forget to wipe my mud flaps? McQueen's driver arrived in California, but McQueen was missing. McQueen was reported missing. To race an unprecedented. Sponsor stated they have no idea where he is. I hope Lightning's OK. I'd hate to see anything bad happen to him. I don't know what's harder to find, McQueen or a chief who'll work with him! Lightning McQueen must be found at all costs! They're all asking the same question: Where is McQueen?
They're all asking the same question: Where is McQueen?
LIGHTNING MCQUEEN: Oh, boy. Where am I? MATER: Mornin', sleepin' beauty! LIGHTNING MCQUEEN: Ah! MATER: Boy, I was wonderin' when you was gonna wake up. LIGHTNING MCQUEEN: Take whatever you want! Just don't hurt me! A parking boot? Why do I have a parking boot on? What's going on here? Please! MATER: You're funny. I like you already. My name's Mater. Mater? MATER: What's your name? LIGHTNING MCQUEEN: You don't know my name? MATER: No, I know your name. Is your name Mater too? LIGHTNING MCQUEEN: What? Look, I need to get to California as fast as possible. Where am I? MATER: Where are you? Shoot! You're in Radiator Springs. The cutest little town in Carburetor County. LIGHTNING MCQUEEN: Oh, great. Just great! MATER: Well, if you think that's great, you should see the rest of the town. LIGHTNING MCQUEEN: You know, I'd love to see the rest of the town! So if you could just open the gate, take this boot off, you and me, we go cruisin', check out the local scene... MATER: Dad-gum! LIGHTNING MCQUEEN: How'd that be, Tuhmater? MATER: Cool! LIGHTNING MCQUEEN: Mater! SHERIFF: What did I tell you about talkin' to the accused? MATER: To not to. SHERIFF: Well, quit your yappin' and tow this delinquent road hazard to traffic court. Well, we'll talk later, Mater. MATER: Later, Mater. That's funny! Ah! The Radiator Springs Traffic Court will come to order! Hey, you scratched my paint! I oughta take a blowtorch to you, man! You broke-a the road! You a very bad car!
You broke-a the road! You a very bad car!
LIGHTNING MCQUEEN: Officer, talk to me, babe. How long is this gonna take? I gotta get to California, pronto. SHERIFF: Where's your lawyer? LIGHTNING MCQUEEN: I don't know. Tahiti maybe. He's got a timeshare there. SHERIFF: When a defendant has no lawyer, Anyone want to be his lawyer? MATER: Shoot, I'll do it, Sheriff! SHERIFF: All rise! The Honorable Doc Hudson presiding. LUIGI: Show-off. SHERIFF: May Doc have mercy on your soul. DOC HUDSON: All right, I wanna know who's responsible for wreckin' my town, Sheriff. I want his hood on a platter! I'm gonna put him in jail till he rots! No, check that. I'm... Throw him out of here, Sheriff. I want him out of my courtroom. I want him out of our town! Case dismissed. LIGHTNING MCQUEEN: Yes! MATER: Boy, I'm purty good at this lawyerin' stuff. SALLY CARRERA: Sorry I'm late, Your Honor! LIGHTNING MCQUEEN: Holy Porsche! She's gotta be from my attorney's office. Hey, thanks for comin', but we're all set. He's letting me go. SALLY CARRERA: He's letting you go? LIGHTNING MCQUEEN: Yeah, your job's pretty easy today. All you have to do now is stand there and let me look at you. Listen, I'm gonna cut to the chase. Me, you, dinner. Pi-cha-kow! SALLY CARRERA: What the? Ow! Oh! LIGHTNING MCQUEEN: Ka-chow! SALLY CARRERA: Please! LIGHTNING MCQUEEN: I know. I get that reaction a lot. I create feelings in others that they themselves don't understand. SALLY CARRERA: Agh! Ow! LIGHTNING MCQUEEN: Oh, I'm sorry. Did I scare you? MATER: A little bit, but I'll be all right. SALLY CARRERA: OK. I'm gonna go talk to the judge. LIGHTNING MCQUEEN: Do what you gotta do, baby. But listen. Be careful. Folks around here are not firing on all cylinders, if you know what I mean. SALLY CARRERA: I'll keep that in mind. Hey there, Mater. MATER: Howdy, Sally. SALLY CARRERA: Hi, folks! ALL: Good morning! LIGHTNING MCQUEEN: You know her? MATER: She's the town attorney and my fiance. LIGHTNING MCQUEEN: What? MATER: Nah, I'm just kiddin'. She just likes me for my body. SALLY CARRERA: You look great. You do something different with your side view mirrors? DOC HUDSON: What do you want, Sally? SALLY CARRERA: Come on, make this guy fix the road. The town needs this. DOC HUDSON: No. I know his type. Racecar. That's the last thing this town needs. SALLY CARRERA: OK, I didn't want to have to do this, Doc, but you leave me no choice. Fellow citizens, you're all aware of our town's proud history. DOC HUDSON: Here she goes again. SALLY CARRERA: Radiator Springs, the glorious jewel strung on the necklace of Route 66
Radiator Springs, the glorious jewel strung on the necklace of Route 66
the mother road! It is our job and our pleasure to take care of the travelers on our stretch of that road. SARGE: Travelers? What travelers? FILLMORE: Ignore him. SALLY CARRERA: But how, I ask you, are we to care for those travelers if there is no road for them to drive on? Luigi, what do you have at your store? LUIGI: Tires. SALLY CARRERA: And if no one can get to you? LUIGI: I won't sell any... tires. I will lose everything! SALLY CARRERA: Flo, what do you have at your store? FLO: I have gas. MATER: Lotsa gas! SALLY CARRERA: OK boys, stay with me. And, Flo, what'll happen if no one can come to your station to buy gas? FLO: I'll go outta business and we'll have to leave town. SALLY CARRERA: What's gonna happen if Flo leaves town and closes her station? ALL: Without gas, we're done for!
SALLY CARRERA: Don't you think the car responsible should fix our road?
Don't you think the car responsible should fix our road?
LIZZIE: The only guy strong enough to fix that road is Big Al! RAMONE: Lizzie, Big Al left like, 15 years ago. LIZZIE: Then why are you bringing him up, you lemon? SALLY CARRERA: So, what do you want him to do? ALL: Fix the road! SALLY CARRERA: Because we are a town worth fixing! ALL: Yeah! DOC HUDSON: Order in the court! Seems like my mind has been changed for me. ALL: Yeah! LIGHTNING MCQUEEN: No! LIGHTNING MCQUEEN: Oh, I am so not taking you to dinner. SALLY CARRERA: That's OK, Stickers. You can take Bessie. MATER: Man, you get to work with Bessie! I'd give my left two lug nuts for somethin' like that. LIGHTNING MCQUEEN: Bessie? Who's Bessie? DOC HUDSON:
This here is Bessie, finest road-pavin' machine ever built.This here is Bessie, finest road-pavin' machine ever built.
I'm hereby sentencing you to community service. You're gonna fix the road under my supervision. LIGHTNING MCQUEEN: What? This place is crazy! MATER: I know this may be a bad time right now, but you owe me $32,000 in legal fees. LIGHTNING MCQUEEN: What? DOC HUDSON: We're gonna hitch you up to Bessie, and you're gonna pull her nice. LIGHTNING MCQUEEN: You gotta be kidding me. DOC HUDSON: You start there where the road begins. You finish down there where the road ends. MATER: Holy shoot! LIGHTNING MCQUEEN: Whoa, whoa, whoa! How long is this gonna take? DOC HUDSON: Well, fella does it right, should take him about five days. LIGHTNING MCQUEEN: Five days? But I should be in California schmoozing Dinoco right now! DOC HUDSON: Then if I were you, I'd quit yappin' and start workin'! Hook him up, Mater. MATER: Okay-dokey. LIGHTNING MCQUEEN: Freedom! MATER: Maybe I should've hooked him up to Bessie and then then took the boot off. LIGHTNING MCQUEEN: Oh, feel that wind. Yes! No. No, no. Outta gas? How can I be outta gas? SHERIFF: Boy, we ain't as dumb as you think we are. LIGHTNING MCQUEEN: But how did, how did... you? SALLY CARRERA: We siphoned your gas while you were passed out. Ka-chow. LIGHTNING MCQUEEN: Ow, ow, ow, ow. SHERIFF: Gentlemen. SARGE: Sheriff. FILLMORE: Hey, Sheriff. LUIGI: Why here? GUIDO: Sono sempre stati qui. LUIGI: They were better before. GUIDO: Stai sempre a parlare. LUIGI: Guido! LIZZIE: Red, can you move over? I want to get a look at that sexy hot rod. MATER: You know, I used to be a purty good whistler. I can't do it now, of course, on account of sometimes I get fluid built up in my engine block, but Doc said he's gonna fix it. He can fix about anything. That's why we made him the judge. Boy, you shoulda heard me on Giddy-up, Oom Papa Mow Mow. Now, I'm not one to brag but people come purty far to see me get low on the Mow-Mow. LIGHTNING MCQUEEN: Aw, man, that's just great! MATER: Hey, what's wrong? LIGHTNING MCQUEEN: My lucky sticker's all dirty. MATER: Ah, that ain't nothin'. I'll clean it for ya. LIGHTNING MCQUEEN: No, no, no! That won't be necessary. Hey! Hey, big fella! Yeah, you in the red! I could use a little hose down. Help me wash this off.


Sally Carrera Radiator Springs's town attorney, is a 2002 996-series Porsche 911.

Strip 'The King' Weathers veteran racecar and racing legend, a 1970 Plymouth Superbird.

Mack Lightning's one loyal teammate, a 1985 Mack Super-Liner.

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MATER: Yeah, like tuh-mater, but without the tuh.

DOC HUDSON: I'm gonna put him in jail till the jail rots on top of him, and then I'm gonna move him to a new jail and let that jail rot.

LIGHTNING MCQUEEN: Whoo-hoo! Goodbye, Radiator Springs, and goodbye, Bessie! California, here I come! Yeah!

SALLY CARRERA: Oh, he can do it. He's got the horsepower.

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