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LIGHTNING MCQUEEN: Where's he goin'? MATER: Oh, he's a little bit shy, and he hates you for killin' his flowers. LIGHTNING MCQUEEN: I shouldn't put up with this. I'm a precision instrument of speed and aerodynamics. MATER: You hurt your what? LIGHTNING MCQUEEN: I'm a very famous racecar! LUIGI: You are a famous racecar? A real racecar? LIGHTNING MCQUEEN: Yes, I'm a real racecar. What do you think?
LIGHTNING MCQUEEN: Yes, I'm a real racecar. What do you think?
Look at me. LUIGI: I have followed racing my entire life. My whole life! LIGHTNING MCQUEEN: Then you know who I am. I'm Lightning McQueen. LUIGI: Lightning McQueen? LIGHTNING MCQUEEN: Yes! Yes! LUIGI: I must scream it to the world! My excitement from the top Do you know many Ferraris? No, no, no, no, no. LIGHTNING MCQUEEN: They race on the European circuit. I'm in the Piston Cup! What? LUIGI: Luigi follow only the Ferraris. FLO: Is that what I think it is? SALLY CARRERA: Customers. Customers! Customers, everyone! Customers! OK! LIZZIE: Customers? SALLY CARRERA: Been a long time. Remember what we rehearsed. RAMONE: Make sure your Open, please come in signs are out. SALLY CARRERA: You all know what to do. All right, nobody panics. Here we go! MINNY: Van, I just don't see any on-ramp anywhere. VAN: Minny, I know exactly where we are. MINNY: Yeah, we're in the middle of nowhere. VAN: Honey, please. SALLY CARRERA: Hello. Welcome to Radiator Springs, gateway to Ornament Valley.
Welcome to Radiator Springs, gateway to Ornament Valley
Legendary for its service and hospitality. How can we help you? VAN: We don't need anything, thank you. MINNY: Ask for directions to the Interstate. VAN: There's no need to ask for directions. I know where we're going. MINNY: He did the same thing on our trip to Shakopee. We were headed over there for the Crazy Days, and we... VAN: OK. Really. We're just peachy, OK? FILLMORE: What you really need is the sweet taste of my homemade, organic fuel. VAN: No, it doesn't agree with my tank. Just trying to find the Interstate. MINNY: Good to see you, soldier! SARGE: Come on by Sarge's Surplus Hut for your government surplus needs. MINNY: Honey, surplus! VAN: We have too much surplus. SALLY CARRERA: I do have a map over at the Cozy Cone Motel. And if you stay, we offer a free Lincoln Continental breakfast. MINNY: Honey, she's got a map. VAN: Never need a map again, thank you. FLO: How 'bout somethin' to drink? Stop at Flo's V-Eight CafT. Finest fuel on Route 66. VAN: No we just topped off. LUIGI: And if you need tires, stop by Luigi's Casa Della Tires, home of the Leaning Tower of Tires. RAMONE: But you do need a paint job. Ramone will paint you up right. Hey, anything you want! You know, like a flame job. MINNY: No thanks... RAMONE: Maybe ghost flames! You like old school pinstripin'? Von Dutch style? MINNY: Oh, honey, look. Von Dutch. VAN: OK, no. We're gonna be going now, OK? Ow! LIZZIE: A little somethin' to remember us by, OK? VAN: OK! SALLY CARRERA: Come back soon, OK? I mean, you know where we are! Tell your friends! VAN: OK! Yes. You bet. MINNY: Thanks again, folks. Bye-bye now. LIGHTNING MCQUEEN: Psst! Psst! Hey! Hey, hey, hey! I know how to get to the Interstate! MINNY: Do ya? VAN: Minny, no. LIGHTNING MCQUEEN: Yeah, yeah, yeah. No, not really. But listen. I'm Lightning McQueen, famous racecar. I'm being held against my will. I need you to call my team, so they can come rescue me and get me to California in time for me to win the Piston Cup. Understand? No, no. No, it's the truth! I'm telling you! You gotta help me! Don't leave me here! I'm in hillbilly hell! My IQ's dropping by the second! I'm becoming one of them! SALLY CARRERA: OK, don't worry. They know where we are now. They'll tell friends. You'll see. MALE DJ: We'll be back for our Hank Williams marathon after a Piston Cup update. KORI TURBOWITZ: Still no sign of Lightning McQueen. Chick arrived in California and today became the first car to spend practice time on the track. CHICK HICKS: It's nice to get out here before the other competitors. You know, get a head start. Gives me an edge. Hey, McQueen... Eat your heart out. LIGHTNING MCQUEEN: Let me get this straight. I can go when this road is done. That's the deal, right? MATER: That's what they done did said. LIGHTNING MCQUEEN: OK. Outta my way. I got a road to finish. MATER: He's done! DOC HUDSON: Done? MATER: Uh-huh. DOC HUDSON: It's only been an hour. LIGHTNING MCQUEEN: Ah, I'm done. Look, I'm finished. Say thanks, and I'll be on my way. That's all you gotta say. MATER: Whee-hoo! I'm the first one on the new road!
I'm the first one on the new road!
Oh! It rides purty smooth. SALLY CARRERA: It looks awful! LIGHTNING MCQUEEN: Well, it matches the rest of the town. SALLY CARRERA: Red. Who do you think you are? LIGHTNING MCQUEEN: Look, Doc said when I finish, I could go. That was the deal. DOC HUDSON: The deal was you fix the road, not make it worse. Now, scrape it off! Start over again. LIGHTNING MCQUEEN: Hey, look, grandpa, I'm not a bulldozer. I'm a racecar. DOC HUDSON: Oh-ho-ho-ho! Is that right? Then why don't we just have a little race? Me and you. SALLY CARRERA: What? LIGHTNING MCQUEEN: Me and you. That a joke? DOC HUDSON: If you win, you go and I fix the road. If I win, you do the road my way. SHERIFF: Doc, what're you doin'? LIGHTNING MCQUEEN: I don't mean to be rude here, but you probably go zero to sixty in, like, what? Three-point-five years? DOC HUDSON: Then I reckon you ain't got nothin' to worry about. LIGHTNING MCQUEEN: You know what, old-timer? That's a wonderful idea. Let's race. SHERIFF: Gentlemen, this will be a one-lap race. You will drive to Willy's Butte, go around Willy's Butte and come back. There will be no bumpin', no cheatin', no spittin', no bitin', no road rage, no maimin', no oil slickin', no pushin', no shovin', no backstabbin', no road-hoggin', and no lollygaggin'. LIGHTNING MCQUEEN: Speed. I'm speed. Float like a Cadillac, sting like a Beemer. LUIGI: My friend Guido, he dream to give a real racecar a pit stop.
GUIDO: Peet stop! LIGHTNING MCQUEEN: The race is only one lap, guys. GUIDO: Uno lappo! Don't need any help.
LIGHTNING MCQUEEN: I work solo mio. LUIGI: Fine. Race your way. LIGHTNING MCQUEEN: No pit stoppo. Comprendo? GUIDO: OK. SHERIFF: Gentlemen, start your engines!
Gentlemen, start your engines!
SALLY CARRERA: Great idea, Doc. Now the road will never get done. SHERIFF: Luigi? LUIGI: On your mark, get set! Uno for the money, due for the show, tre to get ready, and quattro to... I can't believe it. Go! Doc... the flag means go. Remember the fleg... Here we go. Go. RAMONE: Doc, what are you doing, man? DOC HUDSON: Oh, dear. It would seem I'm off to a poor start. Well, better late than never. Come on, Mater. SHERIFF: Might need a little help. MATER: Uh... OK. DOC HUDSON: You got your tow cable? MATER: Well, yeah, I always got my tow cable. Why? DOC HUDSON: Oh, just in case. LIGHTNING MCQUEEN: No, no, no, no, no! FILLMORE: Bad trip, man. DOC HUDSON: Hey! Was that floatin' like a Cadillac or was that stingin' like a Beemer? I'm confused. You drive like you fix roads. Lousy! Have fun fishin', Mater. MATER: I'm startin' to think he knowed you was gonna crash! LIGHTNING MCQUEEN: Thank you, Mater. Thank you. I can make a little turn on dirt. You think? No. And now I'm a day behind. I'm never gonna get outta here! RAMONE: Hey, Tse! You need a new paint job, man! LIGHTNING MCQUEEN: No, thank you. FILLMORE: How 'bout some organic fuel? SARGE: That freak juice? LIGHTNING MCQUEEN: Pass. FLO: Whoo! Watchin' him is makin' me thirsty. Anybody else want somethin' to drink? MATER: Nah, not me, Flo. I'm on one of them there special diets. I'm a precisional instrument of speed and aero-matics. LIGHTNING MCQUEEN: You race like you fix roads. I'll show him. I will show him! Oh, great! I hate it! Hate, hate, hate, hate it! DOC HUDSON: Music. Sweet music. SALLY CARRERA: Maybe this wasn't such a good idea. LIGHTNING MCQUEEN: Radiator Springs, a happy place! OK, Bessie, you think that's funny? Great! I'm talking to Bessie now! I'm talking to Bessie! SALLY CARRERA: Wow. MATER: Mornin', Sally! Hey, look at this here fancy new road that Lightnin' McQueen done just made! SALLY CARRERA: Yes! Uh, amazing! RAMONE: Whoa-ho! Yeah! FLO: Oh, Ramone! Mama ain't seen you that low in years. RAMONE: I haven't seen a road like this in years. FLO: Well, then let's cruise, baby. RAMONE: Low and slow. LUIGI: It's beautiful! Guido, look, it's-a like it was paved by angels. MATER: Boy, I tell you what. I bet even the roads on the moon ain't this smooth. SALLY CARRERA: Doc, look at this! Shoulda tossed him into the cactus a lot sooner, huh? DOC HUDSON: Well, he ain't finished yet. Still got a long way to go. LUIGI: Guido, look at Luigi! This is fantastico! SALLY CARRERA: That looks like fun! Mater, I got dibs, next turn! LUIGI: That crazy old devil woman. Oh! She's right! Guido! Well, now... where the heck is he? Sheriff! Is he makin' another run for it? SHERIFF: No, no. He ran outta asphalt in the middle of the night, and asked me if he could come down here. All he's tryin' to do is make that there turn. LIGHTNING MCQUEEN: No, no, no, no! Oh, great. Perfect turns on every track I've ever raced on. DOC HUDSON: Sheriff, why don't you go get yourself a quart of oil at Flo's. I'll keep an eye on him. SHERIFF: Well, thanks, Doc. I've been feelin' a quart low. DOC HUDSON: This ain't asphalt, son. This is dirt. LIGHTNING MCQUEEN: Oh, great. What do you want? You here to gloat? DOC HUDSON: You don't have three-wheel brakes, so you got to pitch it hard, break it loose and then just drive it with the throttle. Give it too much, you'll be outta the dirt and into the tulips. LIGHTNING MCQUEEN: So you're a judge, a doctor and a racing expert. DOC HUDSON: I'll put it simple. If you're goin' hard enough left, you'll find yourself turnin' right. LIGHTNING MCQUEEN: Oh... Right. That makes perfect sense. Turn right to go left! Yes! Thank you! Or should I say, No, thank you? Because in Opposite World, maybe that really means, Thank you! Crazy grandpa car.
Because in Opposite World, maybe that really means, Thank you! Crazy grandpa car.
What an idiot! Hmm... Whoa! Oh! Ow! Oh, that... Turn right to go left. Guess what. I tried it. You know what? This crazy thing happened. LIZZIE: You keep talkin' to yourself, people'll think you're crazy. LIZZIE: What? I wasn't talkin' to you! SALLY CARRERA: Oh, Guido, e bellissimo! GUIDO: Che cosa? SALLY CARRERA: It looks great! This is great! GUIDO: Ti piace, eh? Si, si, bellissimo. MATER: Oh, Lord. SHERIFF: Mater! I need you to watch the prisoner tonight. MATER: Well, dad-gum! Wait a minute. What if he tries to run again? SHERIFF: Just let him run outta gas and tow him on back. But keep an eye on him. MATER: Yes, sir! LIGHTNING MCQUEEN: While I'm stuck here paving this stinkin' road, Chick's in California schmoozing Dinoco. My Dinoco. Whoa, whoa, whoa! Who's touching me? LUIGI: You have a slow leak. Guido, he fix. You make-a such a nice new road. You come to my shop. Luigi take-a good care of you. Even though you not a Ferrari. You buy four tires, I give you a full-a size spare absolutely free! LIGHTNING MCQUEEN: Look, I get all my tires for free. LUIGI: I like your style, eh? You drive the hard bargain. OK. Luigi make you a new deal. You buy one tire, I give you three for free! FLO: Oh, would you look at that? Ramone, Ramone! LUIGI: Then Luigi make you a new new deal. LIGHTNING MCQUEEN: No, no, no, no. Deal me out. Pass. No, thank you. LUIGI: This is it. My last offer. You buy one tire, I give you seven-a snow tires for free! Done. You interested, you call me. You know where I am. LIGHTNING MCQUEEN: Ah! Stop! Let me... LIGHTNING MCQUEEN: No! No! SALLY CARRERA: On the hood right there. LIGHTNING MCQUEEN: Stop, stop! That's cold! Help! Please! Stop! SALLY CARRERA: Thanks, Red. LIGHTNING MCQUEEN: What was that for? SALLY CARRERA: Do you want to stay at the Cozy Cone? LIGHTNING MCQUEEN: Huh? SALLY CARRERA: If you do, you gotta be clean. 'Cause even in hillbilly hell we have standards. LIGHTNING MCQUEEN: What, I? I don't get it. SALLY CARRERA: I thought I'd say thank you for doin' a great job. So I thought I'd let you stay with me. I mean, not with me! But there. Not with me there, but there in your own cozy cone. And I'd be in my cone, and it's... LIGHTNING MCQUEEN: Wait. Wait, you're being nice to me. SALLY CARRERA: If you want to stay at the dirty impound, fine. I understand you criminal types. LIGHTNING MCQUEEN: No, no, no, no. That's OK. Yeah, the Cozy Cone. SALLY CARRERA: It's newly refurbished. LIGHTNING MCQUEEN: Yeah, it's like a clever little twist. The motel's made out of caution cones, which, of course, cars try to avoid. But now we're gonna stay in them. That's funny. SALLY CARRERA: Figure that all out on your own, did you? Cone number one, if you want. LIGHTNING MCQUEEN: Oh... SALLY CARRERA: That's just a... Oh! Oh, you saw that? Yeah. Just gonna be going. Gonna... Yeah. SALLY CARRERA: Oh! Customers!


Sheriff bearing Carburetor County license plate 001, a 1949 Mercury Eight Police Cruiser police car.

Doc Hudson Radiator Springs' local physician, a 1951 Hudson Hornet.

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VAN: I don't need a map! I have the GPS.

MINNY: We're trying to find the Interstate.

LIZZIE: Hey, Luigi, this new road makes your place look like a dump.

LIGHTNING MCQUEEN: Hey, do I spy a little pinstriping tattoo back there?

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