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MATER: Tomorrow night we can go look for the ghostlight! LIGHTNING MCQUEEN: I can't wait, Mater. MATER: Oh, yeah, I'm tellin' ya! Oh, boy, you gotta admit that was fun! LIGHTNING MCQUEEN: Oh, yeah... yeah. MATER: Well, we better get you back to the impound lot. LIGHTNING MCQUEEN: You know, actually, Sally's gonna let me stay at the motel. MATER: Oh... Gettin' cozy at the Cone, is we? LIGHTNING MCQUEEN: Oh, come... No. No, are you kidding? Besides, she can't stand me. And I don't like her, to be honest. MATER: Yeah, you probably right. Hey, look, there's Miss Sally! LIGHTNING MCQUEEN: Where, where? MATER: You're in love with Miss Sally.
You're in love with Miss Sally
LIGHTNING MCQUEEN: No, I'm not. MATER: Yes, you do. LIGHTNING MCQUEEN: No way. MATER: You're in love with Miss Sally! LIGHTNING MCQUEEN: Real mature. MATER: You're in love! LIGHTNING MCQUEEN: Real grown up. MATER: You love her. You love her. LIGHTNING MCQUEEN: Wait... MATER: You love her! You love her. You love her. LIGHTNING MCQUEEN: All right. OK. Mater, enough! Will you stop that? MATER: Stop what? LIGHTNING MCQUEEN: Driving backwards. MATER: Wreck? Shoot! I'm the world's best backwards driver! You just watch this right here, lover boy. Wee-hee! LIGHTNING MCQUEEN: What are you doing? Watch out! Look out! Mater? Mater! Hey, take it easy, Mater! He's nuts. MATER: No need to watch where I'm goin'. Just need to know where I've been. LIGHTNING MCQUEEN: Whoa, that was incredible! How'd you do that? MATER: Rearview mirrors. We'll get you some, and I'll teach you if you want. LIGHTNING MCQUEEN: Yeah, maybe I'll use it in my big race. MATER: What's so important about this race of yours, anyway? LIGHTNING MCQUEEN: It's not just a race. We're talking about the Piston Cup! I've been dreaming about it my whole life! I'll be the first rookie in history ever to win it. And when I do, we're talkin' big new sponsor, with private helicopters. No more medicated bumper ointment. No more rusty old cars.
No more rusty old cars
LIGHTNING MCQUEEN: Well, I don't mean you, Mater. I mean other old cars. You know? Not like you. I like you. MATER: It's OK, buddy. Hey, you think maybe one day I can get a ride in one of them helicopters? I mean, I've always wanted to ride in one of them fancy helicopters. LIGHTNING MCQUEEN: Yeah, yeah, yeah, sure, sure. MATER: You mean it? LIGHTNING MCQUEEN: Oh, yeah. Anything you say. MATER: I knew it. I knowed I made a good choice! LIGHTNING MCQUEEN: In what? MATER: My best friend. See you tomorrow, buddy! McQueen and Sally parked beneath a tree, K-i-s-somethin'-somethin'-somethin'-t! LIGHTNING MCQUEEN: Number one. Number one... Ah, number one! Ah, this is nice. SALLY CARRERA: Hey, Stickers. I'm sorry. LIGHTNING MCQUEEN: You scared me. You gotta be careful. SALLY CARRERA: I scared myself scaring you scaring me. LIGHTNING MCQUEEN: I mean, I wasn't like scared scared. SALLY CARRERA: No, of course not. No. LIGHTNING MCQUEEN: I was more... SALLY CARRERA: I overheard you talkin' to Mater. LIGHTNING MCQUEEN: When? Just now? What, what did, what did you hear? SALLY CARRERA: Something about a helicopter ride. LIGHTNING MCQUEEN: Oh, yeah. Yeah, he got a kick out of that, didn't he? SALLY CARRERA: Did you mean it? LIGHTNING MCQUEEN: What? SALLY CARRERA: That you'll get him a ride. LIGHTNING MCQUEEN: Who knows? First things first. I gotta get outta here and make the race.
I gotta get outta here and make the race
SALLY CARRERA: Uh-huh. You know... Mater trusts you. LIGHTNING MCQUEEN: Yeah, OK. SALLY CARRERA: Did you mean that? LIGHTNING MCQUEEN: What? SALLY CARRERA: Was it just a Yeah, OK, or Yeah... OK or Yeah, o-OK? LIGHTNING MCQUEEN: Look, I'm exhausted. It's kinda been a long day. SALLY CARRERA: Yeah, OK. G'night. LIGHTNING MCQUEEN: Hey, thank you. SALLY CARRERA: What did you just say? LIGHTNING MCQUEEN: You know, thanks for lettin' me stay here. It's nice to be out of the impound, and this is... It's great. Newly refurbished, right? SALLY CARRERA: Yeah. LIGHTNING MCQUEEN: G'night. SALLY CARRERA: Good night. Hmm. SARGE: Will you turn that disrespectful junk off? FILLMORE: Respect the classics, man. It's Hendrix!
FILLMORE: Respect the classics, man. It's Hendrix!
LIGHTNING MCQUEEN: I gotta get outta here! Hey, have you seen the Sheriff? Oh! Oh, my gosh. DOC HUDSON: Hey, what are you doin'? SHERIFF: Get a good peek, city boy? LIGHTNING MCQUEEN: I just need my daily gas ration from the Sheriff. DOC HUDSON: Wait for him at Flo's. Get outta here. LIGHTNING MCQUEEN: I've been trying to get outta here for three days! SHERIFF: Hope you enjoyed the show! LIGHTNING MCQUEEN: Whoa, Doc. Time to clean out the garage, buddy, come on. What? He has a Piston Cup? Oh, my gosh. Three Piston Cups? DOC HUDSON: Sign says stay out. LIGHTNING MCQUEEN: You have three Piston Cups. How could you have... DOC HUDSON: I knew you couldn't drive. I didn't know you couldn't read. LIGHTNING MCQUEEN: You're the Hudson Hornet! DOC HUDSON: Wait at Flo's, like I told ya! LIGHTNING MCQUEEN: Of course. I can't believe I didn't see it before. You're The Fabulous Hudson Hornet! You used to hold the record for most wins in a season. Oh, we gotta talk. You gotta show me your tricks. Please. DOC HUDSON: I tried that. LIGHTNING MCQUEEN: You won three times! Look at those trophies!
You won three times! Look at those trophies!
DOC HUDSON: You look. All I see is a bunch of empty cups. FLO: Yeah, look at my husband, y'all! Whoo! That's your color! RAMONE: Yellow, baby. FLO: Mmm. You smokin' hot! SHERIFF: There he is. LIGHTNING MCQUEEN: Oh, my gosh! Did you know Doc is a famous racecar? SHERIFF: Doc? Our Doc? LIGHTNING MCQUEEN: No, no, no, no, it's true! He's a real racing legend. He's The Fabulous Hudson Hornet! FLO: Fabulous? I never seen Doc drive more than 20 miles an hour. I mean, have you ever seen him race? LIGHTNING MCQUEEN: No, but I wish I could have. They say he was amazing! He won three Piston Cups! LIGHTNING MCQUEEN: He did what in his cup? SHERIFF: I think the heat's startin' to get to the boy! LIZZIE: Well, I'll say! Look how red he is. RAMONE: I think he needs a new coat of poly, man. MATER: Are you sick, buddy? SHERIFF: You are lookin' peaked. RAMONE: He needs a new coat of poly for sure!


Luigi a 1959 FIAT 500. He has followed racing his entire life and is a Scuderia Ferrari fan.

Guido speaks to other characters in Italian, the only one who knows, a forklift truck as BMW Isetta at the front.

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SARGE: Oh, take a car wash, hippie.

LIGHTNING MCQUEEN: It's creeping me out. You're gonna wreck.

MATER: What's wrong with rusty old cars?

FILLMORE: You know, some automotive yoga could really lower your RPM's, man.

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