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Chicken Little | Part 2

Quotes Lean to the left! Lean to the right! C'mon Acorns Fight, fight, fight! Go, Acorns! There's excitement in the air, ladies and gentlemen. It's been two decades since Oakey Oaks has beaten rivals the Spud Valley Taters. Down by only a single run, and with a player in scoring position, we finally have a chance again. This excitement isn't about the fun of baseball, it's not about the prize. It's about gloating and rubbing their noses in it, the "Nah! We beat you!" taunting, if you will, that comes with the winning. Yeah! That's right. Oakey Oaks and the Honorable Mayor Turkey Lurkey will finally have bragging rights again for one full year! But this battle has taken a heavy toll on our hometown heroes. After nine grueling innings and several players out with injuries, the Acorns are scraping the bottom of the roster. Hopefully, there's just enough muscle on the bench to pull out a win. Up next... Chicken Little Clearly a long shot, folks. Little hasn't been up to bat once since joining the team. He's gonna lose the game for us! Wait! If he can get a walk and advance to first, that powerhouse Foxy Loxy can step up and save us all. She's had a terrific game so far. A shoo-in for the MVP trophy. OK, kid, listen up. You have an itty-bitty, teeny-tiny strike zone. There's no way he can throw you out! Take the walk. Don't swing. I have a good feeling... Look at me. Don't swing. Take the walk. You hear me? Just take the walk! But, coach, wait! Don't swing! Nervous, gangly, barely able to hold the pine, Little advances to the box. He's going to bat from the right. Make it the left. No, the right. The right. Easy out! Left field's found something better to do, center field's got a hunger pang in his second stomach and right field's digging for grubs. Play ball! Why him? Why now? I won't embarrass you, Dad. Not this time. Here's the wind-up, the pitch! It's a high cutter. Ball! Uh... Strike one! I'm not going to sugarcoat it. I've seen roadkill with faster reflexes. The catcher lays down the signals. Here's the pitch. Curve ball low and outside, he swings! Stee-rike two! Ohh! I said, don't swing! Don't swing! No! Batter up! That's two in the hole! One more strike, it's a punch out, folks, and we're all going home. Today is a new day. Don't swing! Well, take away my squeaky toy! It's a hit! A hit? A hit? A hit? The batter is unbelievably at home plate. He's standing in a daze. Run, kid, run! Go, son! Run! Run! Run! There he goes, the wrong way. Wait, wait, wait! No, no! Not that way! Run the other way! Turn around! He's turned! I've never said these words before, but he's actually rounding home plate! Goosey steps on home... A new day! A tie game! They're scrambling in the alley. Looks like Rodriguez has it. Nope, it's the center fielder! Mayhem in the outfield, as Rodriguez is fired to second. Catch is complete, but where's the ball? Little touches the bag and keeps going. A hunt for the rock. The fielders are having trouble. Commotion out there! It's stuck! It's stuck! Tip the cow! It's the old tip-the-cow play. He heads for the hot corner, a stand-up triple! Yes! Hold up! No! He's going for the whole enchilada! The ball of wax, kit and caboodle! Go back! You're never gonna make it! Tries to lighten his load! The outfield behind, Little's on all cylinders! He slides for the dish! It's going to be a photo finish at home! You're out! Oh, folks. Folks, what a heartbreaker. Wait! Wait! Wait a cotton-picking second. Hold your horses, here, and horses hold your breath. This might not be over. He... He's... Safe! The runner is safe! It's all over, folks! The Acorns have done the impossible! For the first time in 20 years, we won the pennant! Mothers, kiss your babies! You've witnessed a miracle! Remember where you were at this moment. The smells! The sounds! There's a new winner in town and his name is Chicken Little! That was just a lucky hit! Yes, Chicken Little, it's all yours! The victory, the triumph, the glory!
And getting doused with a sticky drink that soaks into your undies and chafes for hours! This is one memory you'll savor forever! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yes, yes, yes! We won! We won! That's my boy out there! That's my boy! Yow! Here's the wind-up and the pitch! A knuckleball! He swings! Crack! It's going. He rounds first, to second! Hits high off the wall! He flies past third and heads for the plate! It's a scramble for the ball! It's gonna be close! He is safe! The mighty Acorns win! Yes! Acorns win! The mighty Acorns win! Yeah! Jeez, you know, I guess that puts the whole "sky is falling" incident behind us once and for all. Hey, kiddo? You bet, Dad. I... Unless you think we need... closure? Closure? What's to close here? Unless you think we need to close... Not me. It's closed! I agree. Vacuum sealed. Shut tight! OK, great, Dad. You... Closure, I dunno. All right. Enough fun. Good talk. Good talk, son. Here, I'll give you a push. Rock me a little. Help me. OK. OK, I'm up. Hey. Good night, Ace. Here's the wind-up... and the pitch! Whoo-hoo! Thanks. Thanks for the chance. Oh... No! A piece of the sky?! Shaped like a stop sign?! Not again! Hey! Son! You all right? I'm coming! I'm coming! I'm comin' upstairs! What's wrong? Nothing. You sure? I thought I heard you yell. No. Uh, I, uh... I fell out of bed. Huh? How'd you get over there? Over where? There. There! Where? How'd you get over there? Who're we talking about? Never mind. What's the difference? Look, the past is behind us, right? Mmm. Tomorrow's gonna be a new day. Please be gone, please be gone, please be gone... Good. Ah! No. No. I gotta call Abby! Uh-huh. Uh-huh. Hello! Mallard residence. Runt! Quiet! I'm on the phone! Runt! Oh... Hey! Where are you? We already started. We were... It opened up! What?! All right, guys. Watch this. Bizarre. OK. Lemme guess. You haven't told your dad yet. Well... I knew it! Why haven't you told him? There hasn't been you, your dad, talk-talk-talking." There was talking." There was definitely talking. Really? What did he say? Uh... What? All right, that's it. We are doing an intervention! You have got to stop messing around and deal with the problem! She's right! Abby, please. This is exactly what fell on me the first time. There's no way I'm bringing this up again. No, he's not. Runt! Sorry! I'm a gutless flip-flopper. OK. I'm sure there's a simple, logical explanation. I mean, it could be a piece of weather balloon, or maybe it's part of some experimental communications satellite. I don't care. I want it out of my life, gone for good. Everything back to normal. Hey, remember when that icy blue stuff fell from the sky? Everybody thought it was from space and stuff? And it just turned out to be frozen pee from a jet airplane. Yeah, that's right. It's frozen pee. Yeah. It's frozen pee. Pee, pee, pee, pee pee. Could you stop saying that? What? Pee? Pee. Tinkle? Piddle? Wee-wee? Whiz? OK, subject change. Make pishee? I don't care what it is! Are you gonna help me get rid of it or not? Flying Fish! Take cover! Fish! No! Fish! Aaah! Come on, come on, come on! Wait, wait, whoa, son! Where's the fire here? Chicken Little has something to tell you! Tell him. He can handle it. Who're we talkin' about? Uh... Gotta go, Dad! Bye! Ha! You got to be ready to listen to your children, even if they have nothing to say. Sit tight, Fish! Fish! We will try to save you! Yeah! I'm sorry! Wait! Sorry! Curb! Ay! Fish! Abby! Abby! Wake up! Come on! Let's get outta here!

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