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Chicken Little | Part 4

Quotes What? Where's your head? We gotta get outta here! Come on! Come... You, with the running and the jumping! Dad. No, wait. What are you guys doing? We gotta get outta here! It's like War of the Worlds out there! Stop pulling! Just listen to me for one second! It's not dangerous! We are under attack! Will you two stop messing around and deal with the problem? You're never there for me! What? OK, that's not what I had in mind, but... You're never there for me. I mean, you were when I won the game, but not when I thought the sky fell. And not at the ball field and not now! This is good! Keep going. Keep going! You've been ashamed since the acorn thing. We have to talk because Modern Mallard says avoiding closure can lead to molting. I'm already small and I don't think I could handle being bald! I didn't realize, son. I-I never meant to... The acorn, the sky, I mean, the whole... You're right. You're right. Your mom, she was... You know, she was always good with stuff like this. Me I'm gonna need a lot of work. But you need to know that I love you, no matter what. And I'm sorry I... And I'm sorry if I ever made you feel like that was something you had to earn. Uh... uh... And we're good. Let's go. Let's go. OK, Dad. All we gotta do is return helpless little Kirby. Return this whatever it is? This is crazy! Crazy! Crazy wonderful! Just tell me what you need me to do. Do you really mean it? You bet! Anything, son. Come on, Dad. We've got a planet to save! Crazy supportive. That's me! Ohh! This thing likes to nibble, doesn't it? By the way, I'd like to say I've always found you extremely attractive! Now that's closure. Wait! Wait! What's goin' on?! Oh, they've given her an alien mind-wipe! Aaah! OK, son. What do we do now? Uh, OK. This is a piece of cake, Dad. All we have to do is take the kid down the street to the giant metal alien. We surrender! Here! Take the key to the city! Key to my car? Tic Tac? Forget plan A! Uh-oh. OK, OK, what now, son? Who, by the way, I support 100 percent. Uh, plan B? Ha-ha! Of course! Plan B! What is plan B? What? You have to go to the bathroom? You want juice? A snack? Corn dog on a stick? Want to play some golf? What do you want?! I stink at this. I'm a horrible father. No, no, I am. Poo-tee-tah. Oh. Is that your parents? Pooteetah, pooteetah. That's it, Dad! Plan B! All we have to do is weave through traffic through town square while avoiding death rays from alien robots. We get to Town Hall, climb up to the roof and give the kid back to its parents. Yeah! Charge! Wow! A-ha! Now that's what I call takin' out the trash! OK, son. Now what? Fire truck! Plan C! Runt, no! Turn around! Go back to Town Hall! But they'll vaporize us! You want me to do what? Runt, just do it! It'll work! We'll survive! I will survive? Brake, Abby! OK. Floor it! Boink. Deploy ladder, Fish! Plan D. Plan D! Yeah! Yeah! Thighs hurting. Drumsticks burning. But loving you! Full support! I can't get out! Come back, son! We can't go out this way! It's dangerous. No, Dad, I can do this! It's too dangerous. I can do this. I can. You gotta believe me this time. I... I do, son. OK, hang on tight. Yes! Here's your kid! Look over here! Here's your kid! He's OK! He's all right! Stop the invasion! Son! Son! Aaaah! I'm here, son! Dad! Look out! Get away from my boy! Get away! The mighty Acorns... Tic Tac? Why did you take our child? Hey, hey! Just... Just hold on there, buddy! My son did not take your kid! You were the one that left him behind! That's bad parenting! And I should know! Silence! Release the child! OK. OK, OK. Sweetheart! Oh, Kirby, I'm so happy to see you! My darling! That was close.
At least they're back together. They got their kid. You have violated intergalactic law 90210! A charge punishable by immediate particle disintegration! Oh, snap. Hmm? What's that? Hmm. I... I don't quite... Melvin, honey? He's saying they're telling the truth. It was just a misunderstanding. Well, then. This is awkward. Yes, it is. I suppose I should... Put the big guns away? Yes, yes. Now put them down. Of course. And turn off your big voice. But I don't... Turn it off. But... But I don't get to use the big voice very often! Melvin. Yes, dear. Hi. Uh, anyone want to try the big voice? Again, I cannot tell you how sorry we are for this whole misunderstanding. Oh, dear goodness. We are so very sorry. We are. And if it hadn't been for your son there, well, we might have vaporized the whole planet. What? Goodness! What a shame that would have been. Where else would we pick our acorns? We stop on the way to the in-laws. Every year. Looked on all the other planets. You only find them on Earth. Just as it says here on your primitive graphic display. That caught our eyes. OK, everything's been put back to normal, except for this one, over here. Hi, y'all! Foxy? She got her brainwaves scrambled during reconstitution. No worries! We can put her back the way she was. No! She's perfect. Scary. Whoops! Darling! Look at the time! We better get a move on. All right, then. It was good meetin' ya. Sorry for the whole full-scale invasion thing. But, hey, I'm a dad. You know how it is with your kids. When they need ya, you do whatever it takes. There goes that panel again. Every year we come, this thing falls off. Someday it's going to hit somebody on the head. Nonsense! You can't return the panel. Now that's ridiculous. You threw away the receipt again. Silence! Melvin, did you just try and use the big voice on me? Um... uh... Who we talkin' about? So I'd like to see the movie they make about you now. I just hope they stay true to what really happened. Oh, son, these people are from Hollywood! One thing they'll never do Is mess with a good story. Red alert! Man your battle stations! Status report, Mr. Fish. Commander Little, the evil Foxloxian Army has broken through the planet's atmosphere. But that means... Yes, I know. The sky... is falling. Commander Little! No! Please... call me... Ace. Oh, Ace! No! I never intended to bring you into this... Abby. Runt, do you copy? Yes, commander? Runt, my friend, an alien fleet is about to invade Earth. Civilization as we know it depends on me and, to a lesser extent... you. So I've just got one question for you: Are you ready to rock? Ain't no mountain high enough, ain't no valley low... Raise your pork shield, Runt. Prepare to engage. Stay on target. Stay on target! Give 'em a taste of the other white meat! Cap'n! Look out! Runt! Runt, are you all right? No, no. Ya gotta go on without me, commander. Just leave me some ammo, a little water, some chips if you have 'em. This is amazingly accurate. He was my good friend. Oh, Abby. At least I still have you... Abby. Ace! Abby. Ace! Good people of Oakey Oaks. Though at times it may feel like the sky is falling around you, never give up. For every day... is a new day! A new day! Oh, Ace! Come on, Runt. You can do it. I won't go breaking your heart You got to act quickly, Dad. Try this. There you go! There it is! I'm having fun now! That was great! Let's sing it again!

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