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Chicken Little video quotes - It's a hit - Disney videos

Quotes from Chicken Little with Harry Shearer as Baseball Game Dog Announcer, Zach Braff as Chicken Little, Don Knotts as Mayor Turkey Lurkey, Garry Marshall as Buck Cluck, Joan Cusack as Abby Mallard, and snapshot picture; Share this video quotes
Chicken Little - It's a hit - snapshot picture
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Baseball Game Dog Announcer: That's two in the hole! One more strike, it's a punch out, folks, and we're all going home. Chicken Little: Today is a new day. Coach: Don't swing! Baseball Game Dog Announcer: Well, take away my squeaky toy! It's a hit! Mayor Turkey Lurkey: A hit? Umpire: A hit? Chicken Little: A hit? Crowd: A hit? Baseball Game Dog Announcer: The batter is unbelievably at home plate. He's standing in a daze. Run, kid, run! Buck Cluck: Go, son! Run! Run! Mayor Turkey Lurkey: Run! Baseball Game Dog Announcer: There he goes, the wrong way. Wait, wait, wait! Buck Cluck: No, no! Not that way! Run the other way! Abby Mallard: Turn around! Baseball Game Dog Announcer: He's turned! I've never said these words before, but he's actually rounding home plate! Chicken Little: A new day! Baseball Game Dog Announcer: A tie game! They're scrambling in the alley. Looks like Rodriguez has it. Nope, it's the center fielder! Mayhem in the outfield, as Rodriguez is fired to second. Catch is complete, but where's the ball? Little touches the bag and keeps going. A hunt for the rock. The fielders are having trouble. Commotion out there! It's stuck! It's stuck! Tip the cow! Baseball Game Dog Announcer: It's the old tip-the-cow play. He heads for the hot corner, a stand-up triple! Buck Cluck: Yes! Baseball Game Dog Announcer: Hold up! No! He's going for the whole enchilada! The ball of wax, kit and caboodle! Foxy Loxy: Go back! You're never gonna make it! Baseball Game Dog Announcer: Tries to lighten his load! The outfield behind, Little's on all cylinders! He slides for the dish! It's going to be a photo finish at home! Umpire: You're out! Baseball Game Dog Announcer: Oh, folks. Folks, what a heartbreaker. Umpire: Wait! Baseball Game Dog Announcer: Wait! Wait a cotton-picking second. Hold your horses, here, and horses hold your breath. This might not be over. He... He's... Umpire: Safe! The runner is safe! Baseball Game Dog Announcer: It's all over, folks! The Acorns have done the impossible! For the first time in 20 years, we won the pennant! Mothers, kiss your babies! You've witnessed a miracle! Remember where you were at this moment. The smells! The sounds! There's a new winner in town and his name is Chicken Little!
Foxy Loxy: That was just a lucky hit! Baseball Game Dog Announcer: Yes, Chicken Little, it's all yours! The victory, the triumph, the glory! And getting doused with a sticky drink that soaks into your undies and chafes for hours! This is one memory you'll savor forever! Abby Mallard: Yeah! Runt of the Litter: Yeah! Buck Cluck: Yes, yes, yes! We won! We won! That's my boy out there! That's my boy!
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