Cinderella Perfectly Perfect

song written by Alan Zachary and Michael Weiner, performed by Tami Tappan Damiano (Cinderella), Lesli Margherita (Anastasia), Russi Taylor (Drizella, Fairy Godmother), Rob Paulsen (Jaq), Corey Burton (Gus), from Cinderella III: A Twist in Time movie.

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CINDERELLA: What a perfectly perfect life
It's a fairy tale come trueIt's a fairy tale come true.
I'm a princess and a wife
All because I fit a shoe.
I'm a princess and a wife All because I fit a shoe

When I dreamed of love
Who'd have guessed I'd end up here.
At the end of a perfectly perfect year! PRINCE CHARMING (speaking): Would my perfectly perfect wife put on her perfectly fitting shoes? CINDERELLA (speaking): You found my shoes. PRINCE CHARMING (speaking): Better hurry. Fairy Godmother's waiting. CINDERELLA (speaking): What were the mice using them for this time? PRINCE CHARMING (speaking): Boats. There. CINDERELLA: Oh, what a wonderfully perfectly perfect year!
what a wonderfully perfectly perfect year
ANASTSIA: Why should we have to do the chores?
Why should we have to do the chores
DRIZELLA: I would rather rot in jail ANASTSIA: Washing dishes and scrubbing floors DRIZELLA: That's just great I broke a nail BOTH: Cinderella is in the palace living a life of luxury
And we've not once been invited to a ball! DRIZELLA: Or even tea ANASTSIA: Why don't I get a happy ending?
Where's the prince who'll marry me? BOTH: When will this horrible nightmare disappear? LADY TREMAINE (speaking): Pathetic. BOTH: Oh, what a perfectly miserably awful year! PRINCE CHARMING (speaking): Give me your hand. ANASTSIA: Somewhere there must be
Someone who'll love me
Somewhere there must be Someone who'll love me

And show me a world that I never knew
He'll ask for my hand
And I'll say: I do!
Oh, wouldn't it be finer than fine
If that perfectly perfect love
Were mine!
FAIRY GODMOTHER: He's a perfectly charming prince
She's a charmingly perfect lass
JAQ: They've lived happily ever since she fit the slipper
GUS: Made of glass.
FAIRY GODMOTHER: Take your places everyone,
The time is drawing near to celebrateThe time is drawing near to celebrate
ALL: A perfectly perfect year!
JAQ AND GUS: A perfect anniversary party
FAIRY GODMOTHER: That we planned for you
And I threw in some magic
With a bibbidi-bobbidi-boo
Just like the night I sent you to the ball
ANASTSIA (speaking): So that's how Cinderella did it. Magic.
FAIRY GODMOTHER: On this perfectly perfect day
There is magic in the air
ANASTSIA: Gee, I wonder if that old lady has a wand that she could spare
PRINCE CHARMING: What could ever come between us?
ANASTSIA: I would gladly volunteer
FAIRY GODMOTHER: And as for the future
Well, it's perfectly clear
ALL: It's sure to be another magically
ANASTSIA: Tragically
ALL: Perfectly perfect year
ANASTSIA: Perfect!

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