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Dinosaur | part 2

Quotes with pictures ALADAR: Plio! Yar! Where are you? PLIO: Aladar, over here! ALADAR: I feel bad. I feel bad. PLIO: Oh, Suri. Easy, easy. SURI: They're all gone. PLIO: Shh, shh. I'm here. ALADAR: Come on. We can't stay here. YAR: Now, now, Suri. There's nothing to be afraid of. ZINI: Look! YAR: Whoa! ALADAR: Did you see thatDid you see that? YAR: What? ZINI: I did. SURI: Me too! ZINI: Where did it go? ALADAR: I don't know. Let's go see. YAR: Leave it alone. Hey! PLIO: Shh, Dad. YAR: It's scaring Suri. SURI: No, it's not. ALADAR: Everyone just be quiet. Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! PLIO: Yar, grab on! YAR: I can't reach! PLIO: Aladar, they're stopping! ALADAR: Huh? KRON: Stay out of my way! BRUTON: You heard Kron. Move it! NEERA: Watch it. ALADAR: Zini, get your head down. EEMA: Walkin' backwards, huhWalkin' backwards, huh? Well, let me know if that gets you there any faster. Keep those little legs movin', Url, or you'll get left behind. SURI: Look at all the Aladars. YAR: If you're even thinking of joining them... Hang on! ALADAR: Hang on! BRUTON: Kron, There is a more protected spot further down the... KRON: We'll rest here for the nightWe'll rest here for the night. Go ahead, Bruton. BAYLENE: Oh, Eema, I wish we were at your nesting grounds now. All this pushing and shoving about, just for a place to sleep. I'm not used to this kind of behavior. EEMA: Baylene, you got big feet. Just give 'em a kick. Git! BAYLENE: Ooh, I couldn't possibly. Shoo, shoo. EEMA: Will you come on, Baylene? You wanna get to the nesting grounds alive? Show some backbone. ALADAR: Hey, there. Oh, sorry about that. Uh, it's just, we overheard you talking, and... EEMA: Well, my word. Look at Url. He doesn't normally warm up to strangers so fast. BAYLENE: What an unfortunate blemish. EEMA: Good mud bath'd clear those up. YAR: Excuse me? ALADAR: Um, he's my grandfather. Couple of times removed. ZINI: Try a couple of species removed. ALADAR: Uh, my name's Aladar. This is my family. We're all that's left. BAYLENE: Oh, my dear. I'm so sorry. EEMA: Baylene's the last of her kind. Finding stragglers like her all along the way. PLIO: I heard you say something about nesting grounds? EEMA: It is the most beautiful place there is, child. It's where the herd goes to have their babies. SURI: Will we find anybody that looks like us there? EEMA: Oh, the last few days, I've seen 'em all shapes and sizes. Who knows what we'll find. The hard job now is just getting there. BAYLENE: And we're being driven unmercifully. ALADAR: By who? EEMA: Kron, the herd's head honcho. BAYLENE: We can hardly keep up. An older woman like myself. It's... Well, it's positively indecent. ALADAR: Then tell him. What's the worst he can do? BAYLENE: Oh! ALADAR: Hey! What's his problem? EEMA: That's him, honey. ALADAR: Kron. KRON: Huh. ALADAR: Uh, excuse me! Kron, you got a second? BRUTON: Get lost, kid. KRON: Hmm. Relax, Bruton. Who are you? ALADAR: Uh, Aladar. KRON: Why aren't you uphill with the... young bloods? ALADAR: Well, I was back here talking to these guys. I guess they... They're having a hard time keeping up. So, you know, maybe you could slow it down a bit? KRON: Hmm. Let the weak set the pace. Now, there's an idea. Better let me do the thinking from now on, Aladar. ALADAR: Hey, they need help back here. KRON: Hmm. Watch yourself, boy. NEERA: Don't worry. That's how my brother treats newcomers, no matter how charming they are. ZINI: You sure know how to catch a girl's eyeYou sure know how to catch a girl's eye, there, stud. EEMA: I wouldn't be catchin' nobody's eye if I was you, especially Neera's. You just keep your head down, and you mind what Kron tells you. YAR: Since when do we take orders from the likes of him? EEMA: Kron has swatted flies bigger than you, pops. YAR: I could hold that monster's brain in the palm of my... ALADAR: No, Yar, she's right. Better to keep our heads down with this bunch than get 'em bitten off by those things. EEMA: Well, you consider yourself lucky that's all that's following us.
ZINI: Hey, wake up. Enough with the beauty sleep. You're ravishing already. Hey! Hello! Anybody in there? ALADAR: Zini, what are you doing? ZINI: I believe you left a wake-up call for the dawn of timeI believe you left a wake-up call for the dawn of time. Come on! Move it! ALADAR: What's the hurry? ZINI: Something's up. The herd's gathering without us. Let's check it out. BRUTON: Rise and shine! Kron says everybody goes. Come on. Get up. On your feet. ZINI: The charm never stops around here. BRUTON: You say something? ALADAR: Uh, no no, sir. BRUTON: Unless you got a death wish, you and that little parasite better get moving! ZINI: Sheesh, is that guy ugly or what? Hey, hey, hey, there's your girlfriend. ALADAR: What are you talkin' about? ZINI: You know what I'm talkin' about: Neera. Scaly skin. Yellow eyes. Big ankles. ALADAR: Yeah, I made a real im on her. ZINI: What you need is a little help from the love monkey. ALADAR: The love monkey? ZINI: Ow, baby! NEERA: Ow! That, children, is what's known as a jerkasaurus. ZINI: And with that, the ice is broken. KRON: We've got a lot of first-timers here. Make sure they get it. We stop for nothing and no one. BRUTON: If this is your first crossing, listen up. There is no water till we reach the other side. And you'd better keep up, 'cause if a predator catches you, you're on your own. Move out! BAYLENE: Oh, my goodness. It looks like a very long walk. EEMA: And hot. If you smell somethin' sizzlin', it could be me. KRON: We're moving too slow. BRUTON: I'll pick up the pace. YAR: Hey, old girl, you're wandering off a bit. EEMA: That's all I need: A monkey on my back. ALADAR: On your feet, Eema. We can't let those things eat you. They're out there waiting. EEMA: The lake! ALADAR: We made it? EEMA: It's just over that that hill, baby. BAYLENE: Oh, thank goodness. ALADAR: Come on, Eema. Water. Remember water? EEMA: Oh, it's time to refresh my memory.

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