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Cold-blooded monster

video quotes from Dinosaur (2000) film with Aladar, Yar, Plio, Zini
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YAR: ...from across the sea. Vicious, flesh-eating. ALADAR: Blech. YAR: Eew. PLIO: Looks like a baby to meLooks like a baby to me.
YAR: Babies grow up. You keep that thing, one day, we'll turn our backs It'll be picking us out of its teeth. Things like that eat things like us as snacks!
PLIO: So, what do we do?
YAR: Get rid of it!
PLIO: What has gotten into you?
YAR: Plio, that thing is dangerous!
PLIO: I'm sorry, little one. Okay, get rid of it.
YAR: All right. I will.
PLIO: You'd better hurry up, Dad. It looks hungry.
YAR: Here.
PLIO: It's okay. We'll teach him to hate meat.
YAR: Hmph. Watch his head. I mean, watch it, he could bite.
ZINI: This monster's got no teethThis monster's got no teeth. What's he gonna do? Gum us to death?
PLIO: Zini, come on. Look at that sweet little face. Does that look like a monster to you?

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