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video quotes from Dinosaur (2000) film with Aladar, Neera, Plio, Yar
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NEERA: You like kids, I seeYou like kids, I see. ALADAR: Well, the skinny ones can be a little chewy. I'm Aladar the jerkasaurusI'm Aladar the jerkasaurus. NEERA: Ohh. Sorry about that. ALADAR: You're probably right. PLIO: Dad, wake up. YAR: Huh? NEERA: Why did you help that old one? ALADAR: What else could we do? Leave her behind? Oh. You mean, you actually... NEERA: Well, that happens all the time. You don't survive if you're not... ALADAR: Strong enough. NEERA: Well yeah. ALADAR: Is that you talking, or your brother? NEERA: Everything's so different. I don't know what to think anymore. ALADAR: Look, Neera we watch out for each other, we all stand a chance of getting to your nesting grounds. NEERA: You sound so sure. ALADAR: I'm not, but it's all I know. So, water. I'll get you some water. NEERA: Can I try it? ALADAR: Sure. Just press. NEERA: Hmm. ALADAR: Oops. NEERA: Sorry. No. ALADAR: You first. YAR: One down and, well, one down. NOTE: To watch the pictures in hight resolution, click on them. >>> more quotes