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video quotes from Dinosaur (2000) film with Zini, Suri, Aladar, Yar, Eema, Baylene
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ZINI: And it comes with a poolAnd it comes with a pool! SURI: Cannonball!
BAYLENE: Ha. Amateur.
ZINI: Look out belowLook out below! PLIO: Not to mention Neera. EEMA: They'll get here. Soon enough. ALADAR: Oh, no. Eema? EEMA: I spoke too soon. ALADAR: What is it? EEMA: That is the way we used to get in here. ALADAR: They'll never make it over that. EEMA: Aladar, wait! Wait! Kron'll eat you alive. ALADAR: Let him try. YAR: Mm. EEMA: I hope Kron's in a listening mood.
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