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There was water here

video quotes from Dinosaur (2000) film with Eema, Baylene, Aladar, Neera, Zini, Kron
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EEMA: ...always water here before. We always had waterWe always had water, always. And plenty of mud.
BAYLENE: Oh, Eema, please. The herd won't wait, we must carry onThe herd won't wait, we must carry on. ALADAR: You gotta get up. EEMA: There was water everywhere. BAYLENE: There is no water, dear. ALADAR: Baylene, don't move. BAYLENE: What is it? What's wrong? ZINI: Do you hear that? ALADAR: I sure do. Lift your foot, Baylene. ZINI: Ooh! ALADAR: Now press down. ZINI: I always did like big girls! ALADAR: Water! BAYLENE: Oh, my goodness! ALADAR: Water! Come on! NEERA: He found water. BAYLENE: That's it, Eema. Come drink. ALADAR: Kron, look. All we had to do is dig, and... KRON: Good. Now, get out of the way. ALADAR: Wait! Wait! There's enough for everyone! Ah! Oh. Eema! That's it. KRON: Keep pushing and shoving. That's very helpful.
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