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Dumbo movie 1 Calling Mrs Jumbo

NARRATOR: Through the snow and sleet and hail through the blizzard, through the gale through the wind and through the rain over mountain, over plainthrough the blinding lightning flash and the mighty thunder crash ever faithful, ever true nothing stops him. He'll get through.



MR.STORK: Oh. My, my. Now let me see. Must be right around here somewhere. I hope. Ah, watch it there. On the treetop Where are we here? Oh, here. Highway 61, four miles to the gas station Turn left Da-da da-da-da de That must be it. Well, little fella, let's get goin'. Mrs. Jumbo Oh, Mrs. Jumb. Calling Mrs Jumb. Mrs. Jumbo? O. M. Mr. Jumbo! Oh, where's that Mr. Ju. Yoo-hoo! CATTY: Over here. GIDDY: This way, boy. PRISSY: In here! GIDDY:Yoo-hoo! ELEPHANT MATRIARCH: This is the place. MR.STORK: Whew! At last. Which one of you ladies is expecting? GIDDY: Hmph! Not me. PRISSY: The very idea. ELEPHANT MATRIARCH: Certainly not. Over there, of course. CATTY: Yes, of course. PRISSY: Right over there. MR.STORK: Oh. Of course. Here is a baby with eyes of blue straight from heaven right to you. Or: Straight from heaven up above here is a baby for you to love. Sign here, please. Uh, yeah. Well Oh. Mrs. Jumbo. Uh, one moment, please. This is still part of the service. Happy Birthday to you Ah, Happy Birthday to you Ah, Happy Birthday, dear Ah, dear Dear me. What's his name? MRS.JUMBO: Jumbo. Junior. CATTY: Oh, do hurry, dear. GIDDY: I'm on pins and needles. PRISSY: Isn't it thrilling? GIDDY: I'm all a-flutter. ELEPHANT MATRIARCH: Ah, this is a proud, proud day. CATTY: Well, hurry and open it, dearie. PRISSY: I'm just dying to see. GIDDY: Oh! Look at him! PRISSY: Look at him! CATTY: Oh, what a Oh, look! GIDDY: Oh, you sweet little thing. PRISSY: He is cute, isn't he? CATTY: Oh, he is a darling little baby. ELEPHANT MATRIARCH: Adorable. Simply adorable. PRISSY: Did you ever see anything so cunning? CATTY:Isn't he a darling! ELEPHANT MATRIARCH: Kootchy, kootchy, kootchy. Is it possible? PRISSY: Isn't there some mistake? CATTY: Just look at those, those. E-A-R-S. GIDDY: Those what? Oh, ears! These! Aren't they funny? Oh! ELEPHANT MATRIARCH: Oh, my goodness. CATTY: What a temper. GIDDY: Oh, what did I do? Well, tell me. Did I say anything? ELEPHANT MATRIARCH: Perfectly harmless remark. GIDDY: I just said that they're funny, and they are funny CATTY: They certainly are. PRISSY: After all, who cares... about her precious little Jumbo? CATTY: Jumbo? You mean Dumbo. GIDDY: Dumbo CATTY: Dumbo, I say PRISSY: That's good. Dumbo! PRISSY: That's good ELEPHANT MATRIARCH: Dumbo.

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Cast as voices

The voice actors are uncredited for their roles in the film.
John McLeish (narrator) Edward Brophy (Timothy Q. Mouse the only friend of Dumbo) Verna Felton (Elephant Matriarch, the leader of the elephants / Mrs. Jumbo, Dumbo's mother) Cliff Edwards (Jim Crow the leader of a group of crows) Herman Bing (The Ringmaster greedy and arrogant man) Sterling Holloway (Mr. Stork, Dumbo's carrier stork seen at the beginning of the film) Margaret Wright (Casey Junior, the sentient 2-4-0 tender locomotive hauling the circus train) The Hall Johnson Choir (Crow Chorus) Hall Johnson (Deacon Crow) James Baskett (Fats Crow) Nick Stewart (Specks Crow) Jim Carmichael (Dopey Crow) The King's Men (Roustabout Chorus) Noreen Gammill (Catty) Dorothy Scott (Giddy) Sarah Selby (Prissy) Billy Bletcher (Clown) Malcolm Hutton (Skinny)

Like Dopey, the only dwarf that is mute in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Geppetto's fish pet Cleo the goldfish "little water baby" and Gideon "Giddy" the cat, the comic character in Pinocchio, and Tootles in Peter Pan, Dumbo does not have a word of spoken dialogue.


Timothy Q Mouse is a great character, the animation is so concise and perfect, great songs, the message that if you believe you can overcome your handicaps you will so inspiring and beautiful, and the movie so short and sweet it will forever retain its appeal.

During production there was a long and bitter animators strike, in which half of the studio's staff walked out; some of the strikers are caricatured as the clowns who go to "hit the big boss for a raise".

Dumbo is the first Walt Disney animated feature to be set in America.

Timothy Mouse is a replacement for the robin from the original novel; the use of a mouse was an in-joke because folklore says that elephants are afraid of mice.

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