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Dumbo movie 1 Calling Mrs Jumbo

ELEPHANT MATRIARCH: Out of my way! CATTY: Dear! PRISSY: Ohh. GIDDY: I never thought I'd live to see the big top fall. Because of that Dumbo, I never can show my face there again. Oh, look at my beautiful tail!



ELEPHANT MATRIARCH: I'd just like to spank the daylights out of him... Ah! Oh! Oh! CATTY: Ohh. Oh, that won't be necessary, dearie. They fixed him good. ELEPHANT MATRIARCH: What do you mean? PRISSY: What did they do? GIDDY: Did they beat him? What is it, darling? PRISSY: Tell us. ELEPHANT MATRIARCH: Come, come. I demand to know. CATTY: Oh. Well, they've gone and made him. Oh, dear, I just can't say it. Out with it! Made him a clown. PRISSY: A clown? No! CATTY: Yes. ELEPHANT MATRIARCH: Oh, the shame of it. Let us take the solemn vow. From now on, he is no longer an elephant. CLOWN: Please! Help me save my poor baby! Whoo! Save my child! Hey, hey, hey, hey! Where are you? Yoo-hoo! Yoo-hoo! Yoo-hoo! Hey! Hey! Hey! Save my ba... Come on! Jump! We'll save you. Hurry up! Hurry up! We'll save you. Go on. Jump! We'll save ya. CLOWN: Whew! Boy, oh, boy, did we wow 'em out there! What a performance! CLOWN #1: Are we good? CLOWN #2: Thirteen curtain calls. Thirteen! CLOWN #3: Yeah, sure brought down the house, all right. CLOWN #1: Oh, Mama, did we panic 'em. Ask me, Joey. Go ahead. Ask me. CLOWN #3: You said it. We rolled 'em in the aisles. CLOWN #2: Boy, oh, boy, what an act. CLOWN #1: Oh, what an act is right. Stupendous, I call it. They'll have more respect for us clowns now. CLOWN #3: Yeah, yeah, you bet. CLOWN: Here, boys. This calls for a real celebration. Come and get it. CLOWN #2: Poison! Am I thirsty. CLOWN #1: I could use one of them myself. CLOWN #3: This one's on Dumbo. CLOWN: Yeah, Dumbo. CLOWN #2: Dumbo! CLOWN #1: Here's plaster in his eyes. TIMOTHY: See? They're drinkin' a toast to ya. Yeah. You're a big hit. Why, uh, you're terrific. Oh, you're colossal. Stupendous. Come on. Alley-oop. I gotta wash behind your ears. You ought a be proud. You're a success. Look. A peanut! Come on. Eat it. Got lots of vitamins. Give ya a lot of, uh, pep. Oh-ho-ho. I forgot to tell ya. Why, we're goin' over to see your mother. I made an appointment for ya. Didn't I tell ya? Huh! Just like me. I must have forgot. Come on. Get your hat. Oh. Right over there. Cozy little place, ain't it? Mrs. Jumbo. I hope she's in. Someone to see ya. CLOWN: Here ya are. Pour it in me slipper, Joey. CLOWN #1: Boy, I can't get over the way we rolled 'em in the aisles. CLOWN #2: Just wait'll we hit the big town. CLOWN: This gives me an idea. Let's raise the platform the elephant jumps off of. CLOWN #1: Yeah! If they laugh when he jumps 20 feet they'll laugh twice as hard if he jumps 40 feet. CLOWN: Yeah, that's right. That's right. CLOWN #1: Simple mathematics. CLOWN #2: Let's make it 80 feet. CLOWN: Don't be a piker. 180. CLOWN #3: Make it 300. CLOWN #1: A thousand. CLOWN: Yeah, that's good. CLOWN #1: Hey, be careful. CLOWN #2: You'll hurt the little guy. CLOWN #3: Aw, go on. CLOWN: Elephants ain't got no feelings. CLOWN #3: No, they're made of rubber. CLOWN: This idea is sensational.Let's go tell the boss. CLOWN #1: Yeah, yeah, yeah. CLOWN: Come on. Let's go. Hey, hey! Let's hit him for a raise. CLOWN #1: Yeah, sure. This is worth real dough. Oh, we're gonna hit the big boss for a raise. TIMOTHY: I know how ya feel, Dumbo, but you gotta pull yourself together. What would your mother think of ya, if she saw you crying like this?

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Cast as voices

The voice actors are uncredited for their roles in the film.
John McLeish (narrator) Edward Brophy (Timothy Q. Mouse, the only friend of Dumbo) Verna Felton (Elephant Matriarch, the leader of the elephants / Mrs. Jumbo, Dumbo's mother) Cliff Edwards (Jim Crow the leader of a group of crows) Herman Bing (The Ringmaster greedy and arrogant man) Sterling Holloway (Mr. Stork, Dumbo's carrier stork seen at the beginning of the film) Margaret Wright (Casey Junior, the sentient 2-4-0 tender locomotive hauling the circus train) The Hall Johnson Choir (Crow Chorus) Hall Johnson (Deacon Crow) James Baskett (Fats Crow) Nick Stewart (Specks Crow) Jim Carmichael (Dopey Crow) The King's Men (Roustabout Chorus) Noreen Gammill (Catty) Dorothy Scott (Giddy) Sarah Selby (Prissy) Billy Bletcher (Clown) Malcolm Hutton (Skinny)

Like Dopey, the only dwarf that is mute in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Geppetto's fish pet Cleo the goldfish "little water baby" and Gideon "Giddy" the cat, the comic character in Pinocchio, and Tootles in Peter Pan, Dumbo does not have a word of spoken dialogue.


Dumbo was the most financially successful film for the Disney studios in the 1940s. At the time it was only the second Disney animated feature to turn a profit on its first release. It would be another nine years before another animated feature would be profitable, with the release of Cinderella (1950).

The name of the circus (seen on a sign as the train leaves the winter headquarters) is WDP Circus (Walt Disney Productions).

The film strongly resembles another children's story of the same era: Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. In both cases the stories are about an innocent child cruelly ridiculed for a physical deformity (huge ears, red nose) who achieved extraordinary success not in spite of but because of that attribute.

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