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the fourth film in the Animated Classics series based on the book with the same name by Helen Aberson.
Watch Dumbo 1 - Calling Mrs. Jumbo Watch Dumbo 1 - Calling Mrs. Jumbo Here is a baby with eyes of blue straight from heaven right to you.

Watch Dumbo 2 - Look at his ears Look at his ears Ain't that the funniest thing you ever saw? Look at his ears. Hey, guys, look it!

Watch Dumbo 3 - You're a climax You're a climax I'll be back in a minute I'm gonna take care of your future I am the voice of your subconscious mind.

Watch Dumbo 4 - You're a big hit You're a big hit You're terrific you're colossal stupendous come on I gotta wash behind your ears.

Watch Dumbo 5 - You see what I see You see what I see All right let's see ya blow a square one, pal say that's very, very clever now blow a great big one.

Watch Dumbo 6 - Make the elephant fly Make the elephant fly Dumbo, the Ninth Wonder of the Universe! The world's only flyin' elephant!


The main character is Jumbo Jr. who is cruelly nicknamed Dumbo. He is ridiculed for his big ears, but in fact he is capable of flying by using his ears as wings. His only true friend is the mouse Timothy.

While circus animals are being transported, Mrs. Jumbo, one of the elephants, receives her baby from a stork. The baby elephant is quickly taunted by the other elephants because of his large ears, and they nickname him "Dumbo".

Once the circus is set up, Mrs. Jumbo loses her temper at a group of children for making fun of her son, and she is locked up. Dumbo is shunned by the other elephants and with no mother to care for him, he is now alone, except Timothy.

The circus director makes Dumbo the top of an elephant pyramid stunt, but Dumbo causes the stunt to go wrong, injuring the other elephants and bringing down the big top. Dumbo is made a clown as a result, and becomes the main role in an act that involves him falling into a vat of pie filling. But Dumbo hates this job. To cheer Dumbo up, Timothy takes him to visit his mother. On the way back Dumbo cries and then starts to hiccup so Timothy decides to take him for a drink of water from a bucket which, unknown to him, has accidentally had a bottle of champagne knocked into it. As a result, Dumbo and Timothy both become drunk and see hallucinations of pink elephants.

The next morning, Dumbo and Timothy wake up in a tree. Timothy wonders how they got up in the tree, and concludes that Dumbo flew up there using his large ears as wings. With the help of a group of crows, Timothy is able to get Dumbo to fly again, using a psychological trick of a "magic feather" to boost his confidence.

Back at the circus, Dumbo must perform his stunt of jumping from a high building, this time from a much higher platform. On the way down, Dumbo loses the feather and Timothy tells him that the feather was never magical, and that he is still able to fly. Dumbo is able to pull out of the dive and flies around the circus. After this performance, Dumbo becomes a sensation, Timothy becomes his manager, and Dumbo and Mrs. Jumbo are given a private car on the circus train.


MR.STORK: Must be right around here somewhere. I hope. Ah, watch it there. On the treetop. Where are we here? Highway 61, four miles to the gas station. That must be it. Well, little fella, let's get goin'.
MR.STORK: What's his name? MRS.JUMBO: Jumbo. Junior. CATTY: Oh, do hurry, dear. GIDDY: I'm on pins and needles. PRISSY: Isn't it thrilling? GIDDY: I'm all a-flutter. ELEPHANT MATRIARCH: Ah, this is a proud, proud day. CATTY: Well, hurry and open it, dearie. PRISSY: I'm just dying to see. GIDDY: Oh! Look at him... ELEPHANT MATRIARCH: Adorable. Simply adorable.

ELEPHANT MATRIARCH: Is it possible? PRISSY: Isn't there some mistake? CATTY: Just look at those, those. E-A-R-S. GIDDY: Those what? Oh, ears! These! Aren't they funny? Oh! ELEPHANT MATRIARCH: Oh, my goodness. CATTY: What a temper. GIDDY: Oh, what did I do? Well, tell me. Did I say anything? ELEPHANT MATRIARCH: Perfectly harmless remark. GIDDY: I just said that they're funny, and they are funny. CATTY: They certainly are. PRISSY: After all, who cares... about her precious little Jumbo? CATTY: Jumbo? You mean Dumbo.

TIMOTHY: What's the matter with his ears? I don't see nothin' wrong with 'em. I think they're cute. ELEPHANT MATRIARCH: Ladies, ladies! It's no laughing matter at all. PRISSY: Oh. Oh, she's right, girls. ELEPHANT MATRIARCH: Don't forget that we elephants have always walked with dignity.


Directed by Samuel Armstrong, Norman Ferguson, Wilfred Jackson, Jack Kinney, Bill Roberts, Ben Sharpsteen, John Elliotte

Writing Credits: Joe Grant, Dick Huemer, Otto Englander, Bill Peet, Aurelius Battaglia, Joe Rinaldi, Vernon Stallings, Webb Smith, Helen Aberson, Harold Pearl

Music by Frank Churchill, Oliver Wallace

Art Direction by Don DaGradi, Dick Kelsey, Ernie Nordli, Kendall O'Connor, Charles Payzant, Herbert Ryman

Visual Effects by Jerome Brown, Paul B. Kossoff, Milton Quon, George Rowley, Sandy Strother, Don Tobin

Sound Department: James MacDonald, Harold J. Steck


Was nominated in 2008 by AFI's TOP 10 Animated List America’s Greatest film.

At 1942 Academy Awards the movie won an Oscar for Best Music, Scoring of a Musical Picture (Frank Churchill, Oliver Wallace).


Watch online Dumbo movie songs which contains seven songs.


Produced in 1941 by The Walt Disney Studios


When Walt Disney purchased the rights to the original Dumbo story and its characters, his idea was to adapt it into an animated short. However, he eventually decided that there was enough story potential to turn this into the subject of a feature film.


Dumbo does not have a word of spoken dialogue (like Dopey in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937), Gideon in Pinocchio (1940), and Tootles in Peter Pan (1953)).

Dumbo was Walt Disney's favorite film made by his studios.

During production there was a long and bitter animators strike, in which half of the studio's staff walked out. Some of the strikers are caricatured as the clowns who go to "hit the big boss for a raise".

Mrs Jumbo (Dumbo's mother) only speaks once when she says Dumbo's original name.

The name of the circus is WDP Circus (Walt Disney Productions).

Cels for Dumbo (1941) are the rarest in the industry. The animators, after the scene was safely "in the can", would strew the used cels in the corridors and go sliding on them.

Dumbo is the first Walt Disney Animated Classic released on videocassette.

There's a reference to "The Little Engine That Could". While Casey Jr. is trying to get up a hill, the train sounds like it's talking. It says "I think I can, I think I can." Then when the train gets up the hill and starts going faster, it changes to, "I thought I could, I thought I could."

The pink elephants sequence is as close to trippy Disney ever got and its brilliant. One of the best, most inventive sequences in animation history. Great song, too.

Timothy Q Mouse is a great character, the animation is so concise and perfect, great songs, the message that if you believe you can overcome your handicaps you will so inspiring and beautiful, and the movie so short and sweet it will forever retain its appeal.

Dumbo appears in the famous Playstation 2 game Kingdom Hearts in the form of a summon that the player can call upon in battle for aid. Sora, the protagonist, flies on him and Dumbo splashes enemies with water from his trunk.

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