Fantasia Toccata and Fugue in D Minor educational online

music by Johann Sebastian Bach "Toccata and Fugue in D Minor BWV 565" where the first third is in live-action, and features an orchestra playing the piece; sectiom from Fantasia (1940) movie


Illuminated by abstract light patterns set in time to the music and backed by stylized shadows.
The first few parts of the piece are played in each of the three sound channels as a demonstration of Fantasound.
The music was recorded by the Philadelphia Orchestra under the direction of Leopold Stokowski.
Directed by Samuel Armstrong.
Story development: Lee Blair, Elmer Plummer, and Phil Dike.
Art direction: Robert Cormack.
Background painting: Joe Stahley, John Hench, and Nino Carbe.
Visual development: Oskar Fischinger.
Animation of Fantasia movie: Cy Young, Art Palmer, Daniel MacManus, George Rowley, Edwin Aardal, Joshua Meador, and Cornett Wood.

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The educational section for every young person who learns online good quality music is included in Fantasia movie music

By the time Disney's Fantasia was released in 1940. The animations accompanying BWV 565 had been made semi-abstract, absolute music. Although the original idea that the performance of the music start with showing Stokowski directing his orchestra was preserved.

At first you are more or less conscious of the orchestra so our picture opens with a series of impressions of the conductor and the players.

Then the music begins to suggest other things to your imagination. Just masses of color, or cloud forms, or vague shadows, or geometrical objects floating in space.

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