Fantasia Nutcracker Suite educational online

music by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky "Nutcracker Suite Op. 71a"; section from Fantasia (1940) movie


The musical segments are as follows:
As dawn breaks over a meadow, during the "Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy", tiny fairies sprinkle drops of dew on every flower and stern.
A cluster of tiny mushrooms, dressed in long robes and coolie hats resembling Chinese perform the "Chinese Dance".
Multicolored blossoms shaped like ballerinas perform the "Dance of the Flutes".
A school of underwater goldfish perform a graceful "Arab Dance".
High-kicking thistles, dressed like Cossacks, and orchids, dressed like lovely Russian peasant girls, join together for the wild "Russian Dance".
"Waltz of the Flowers", autumn fairies color everything they touch brown and gold with their wands.

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The educational section for every young person who learns online good quality music is included in Fantasia movie music

A selection of pieces from Tchaikovsky's now-classic ballet The Nutcracker, is a personified depiction of the changing of the seasons. First from summer to autumn, and then from autumn to winter. Unlike the original Tchaikovsky ballet, this version of The Nutcracker has no plot.

It features a variety of dances. Just as in the original, but danced by animated fairies, fish, flowers, mushrooms, and leaves. No actual nutcracker is ever seen in this version.

During his commentary on the Nutcracker Suite, Deems Taylor observes that the complete ballet The Nutcracker "is never performed anymore", a statement which may have been true in 1940, but is certainly not true today, as many productions of the complete Nutcracker are now performed throughout the world at Christmas time.

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