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introduce to you not only an indispensable member but a screen personality. Section from Fantasia (1940) movie.


Fantasia's host: I'd like to introduce somebody to you. Somebody who is very important to Disney Fantasia. He is very shy and very retiring. I just happened to run accross him one day at the Disney Studios.

But when I did I suddenly realized that he was not only an indispensable member of the organization but a screen personality. And so I am very happy to have this opportunity to introduce to you the Soundtrack.

Deems Taylor announces a fifteen-minute intermission following the conclusion of Intermission Meet the Soundtrack. The musicians are seen departing the orchestra stand, and the doors close to reveal a title card.

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In a proper roadshow of Fantasia, the theater's curtains would close simultaneously with the closing doors on the screen, and the title card would remain projected for fifteen minutes while the guests are briefly excused.

The educational section for every young person who learns online good quality music is included in Fantasia movie music

Directed by Ben Sharpsteen and David D. Hand.

Key animation by Joshua Meador.


Joseph Deems Taylor (December 22, 1885 - July 3, 1966) was an American music critic, composer, and promoter of classical music. He was born in New York City. He attended Ethical Culture Elementary School, followed by New York University.

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