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Try to get out by swim up the tube

video from Finding Nemo with Gill, Bloat, Peach, Gurgle, Bubbles, Deb, Nemo

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GILL: You miss your dad, don't you, Sharkbait?

NEMO: Yeah.

GILL: Well, you're lucky to have someone out there who's lookin' for you.

NEMO: He's not looking for me. He's scared of the ocean.

GILL: Peach, any movement?

PEACH: He's had at least four cups of coffee, it's gotta be soon.
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GILL: Keep on him. My first escape, landed on dental tools. I was aimin' for the toilet. NEMO: Toilet? GILL: All drains lead to the ocean, kid. NEMO: Wow. How many times have you tried to get out? GILL: Aah, I've lost count. Fish aren't meant to be in a boxFish aren't meant to be in a box, kid. It does things to 'ya. BUBBLES: Bubbles! Bubbles, bubbles... PEACH: Potty break! Potty break! He just grabbed the Reader's Digest! We have 4.2 minutes. GILL: That's your cue, Sharkbait. BLOAT: You can do it, kid. GILL: Okay, you gotta be quick. Once you get in, you swim down to the bottom of the chamber and I'll talk you through the rest. NEMO: Okay. GILL: Go on, it'll be a piece of kelp. Nicely done! Can you hear me? NEMO: Yeah. GILL: Here comes the pebble. Now, do you see a small opening? NEMO: Uh-huh. GILL: Okay, inside it you'll see a rotating fan. Very carefully, wedge that pebble into the fan to stop it turningwedge that pebble into the fan to stop it turning. NEMO: Aaah! GILL: Careful, Sharkbait. NEMO: I can't do it! PEACH: Gill, this isn't a good idea. GILL: He'll be fine. Try again. NEMO: Okay. GILL: That's it, Sharkbait. Nice and steady. NEMO: I got it! I got it! BLOAT: He did it! GURGLE: Whew! GILL: That's great, kid! Now, swim up the tube and outswim up the tube and out. NEMO: Oh no! Gill! Gill! GILL: Sharkbait! BLOAT: Oh my gosh! GILL: Get 'im outta there! Get 'im outta there!
BUBBLES: Help him!
GURGLE: What do we do? What do we do? PEACH: Oh no!
GILL: Stay calm, kid! Just don't panic! NEMO: Help me!
GILL: Sharkbait! Grab hold of this! NEMO: No! No!
GILL: Feed me more! GURGLE: That's it! GILL: Come on, Sharkbait! Grab it!
NEMO: I got it! GILL: Pull!
PEACH: Gill, don't make him go back in there.
GILL: No. We're done.
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