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from Fun and Fancy Free, an animated musical love story sung by Dinah Shore about a dreamer bear Bongo script 1 In fact, everybody worries too much. Here. Just look at the morning paper. Turn to any page. You'll find the whole world worryin' about some future age. But why get so excited? What's gonna be is gonna be. That's, uh, B.C., of course. peek 'round the corner Just learn to smile and in a while You bet, you'll find trouble! Take it easy, son. Why, you're just a bundle of nerves.

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You see? Jumpy as a cat! Comes from always rushin' into things. Now what have I done? I guess I don't know my own strength. Sorry to upset you, miss. Have you on your feet in a jiffy. Upsy-daisy. Mama! Your mama isn't here, honey. But if I can be of service, the name is Cricket. Uh, J. Cricket. You can call me Jiminy. Howdy, chum. Why so glum? Say, what's the matter? You worried about somethin' too? Never saw such a dismal pair. A deadpan doll and a droopy bear. You ought to try my recipe. Be full of fun and fancy-free. Life is a song happy, gay. So let's have some music. Come on! What d'you say? Bongo"? Now, what in the world is Bongo? Oh! A Musical Story Sung by Dinah Shore. Well, what are we waitin' for? A ringer! It's a gift. Take it away, Dinah! This is the story of three bears. Yeah, I know. The mama bear, the papa bear, and the itsy-bitsy baby bear. But it's not the story you expect. This is a love story. It's about a little girl bear and a big, burly, brawny brown bear who wanted very much to be her boyfriend. But mostly, this is a story about Bongo. He was a circus bear. He was born in the circus, grew up in the circus. In fact, Bongo was the star of the circus. Why, he could juggle and dance while on a trapeze, walk a tightrope with the greatest of ease. In jujitsu, he was beyond compare. Once threw a bull at the county fair. Super at wrestling and lifting weights. Outboxed the champs of 17 states. They all packed in from near and far to see this death-defying star. With mouths wide open, they watched his ascent as he daringly climbed to the top of the tent! Then, for a grand climax, he would gracefully plunge 300 feet into a wet sponge! Poor Bongo. Naturally, you'd think he'd be handled with kid gloves, treated like a king and pampered like a baby. But, no! He was tossed around like an old shoe. Bongo, the bear in the gilded cage. His thoughts would wander to an imaginary life far removed from the circus. Bongo, some half-forgotten instinct kept calling him. For you see, Bongo was a dreamer. Hey, Bongo! Get going! You're on! The call of the wild kept ringing in his ears. Psst! Hey. Bongo! He couldn't ignore it any longer. He had to answer the call of the great open spaces. Come on out, Bongo. He was crackin'up! Bongo, Bongo! He was losin'his grip! Bongo! He had to escape, to get away! Just gotta get away! Gotta get away! Gotta get away. Bongo, Bongo, Bongo! Gotta, gotta, gotta! Bongo! At last he was free. Free. Free? Oh! But this was even better than he'd expected! Oh, boy, thought Bongo, this is livin'! Whoo! He felt so good, he just had to run around. And jump. Why, he even tried to growl. Oh, boy! A tree. That's for me! Just right for climbin'too. What if I can't climb a big old tree? This is still the place for a fellow like me. Just lazy and loafin' and fancy-free. I love to hang around. Where things are nice and breezy with nature's gang around. Where life is twice as easy.
Bongo movie 1 picture - Take it easy, sonTake it easy, son   Just look at the morning paperJust look at the morning paper   Just learn to smileJust learn to smile   Sorry to upset you, missSorry to upset you, miss
Your mama isn't here, honeyYour mama isn't here, honey   You can call me Jiminy CricketYou can call me Jiminy Cricket
A Musical love Story Sung by Dinah ShoreA Musical love Story Sung by Dinah Shore   Bongo was the star of the circusBongo was the star of the circus