Fun and Fancy Free (1947)

the nineth animated feature movie in the Walt Disney Animated Classics series. The movie has two different sections (both were being produced independently as full length features, but when wartime shortages lost the studio resources, time and animators, Walt Disney made the decision to combine the two): Bongo - the story of a very funny circus bear cub (based on an original story by Sinclair Lewis) - and Mickey and the Beanstalk - an adaptation of Jack and the Beanstalk with Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, and Goofy as peasants who discover temperamental Willie the Giant's castle in the sky through the use of some magic beans. It was the last time Walt Disney played Mickey Mouse due to his belief that he was too busy to continue doing it and Jimmy MacDonald had to do some of the last remaining voicework.

Bongo movie

An animated musical love story sung by Dinah Shore about a circus bear named Bongo, a little girl bear and a big, burly, brown bear who wanted to be her boyfriend.
Fun and Fancy Free: Bongo movie 1 - Circus bear Fun and Fancy Free movie Bongo 1 Bongo escapes from the circus and soon realizes through his adventure that he must prove himself in order to earn his freedom. He also forms a romantic relationship with a female bear cub in the wild.
Fun and Fancy Free: Bongo movie 2 - Free in nature Fun and Fancy Free movie Bongo 2 Bongo didn't even know how to act like a bear. He felt as stiff as a board and cranky as an old bear.
Fun and Fancy Free: Bongo movie 3 - Lulubelle and Lumpjaw Fun and Fancy Free movie Bongo 3 Lumpjaw by name, a villain for fair, was the roughest, toughest, meanest bear. It's no dream. It's a nightmare! Hello, was all Bongo could say. Hello, Lulubelle, dear.


The movie theme song performed by Chorus and written by Bennie Benjamin and George David Weiss
Fun and Fancy Free theme song lyrics
Fun, fun, fun and fancy-free
Da, da, dat, da, da, dat, doit
Full of fun and fancy-free
That's the way I wanna be
I don't let my troubles trouble me
Dau, dau, dau, dau, dau, dau
Fancy-free, full of the, full of fun
Got no time to worry none
Too busy singin'in the sun, sweet sun
If you should have a chronic ache
Pills won't make you strong
The only tonic you should take
Is a teaspoonful of song
So if you'd really like to be
Happy-go-lucky,just like me
Drown your frowns, my friend and you will see
You'll see, that you'll be full of fun and fancy-free
Come along, lend an ear, see it for yourself
Meet a guy who's got a song, troubles are on the shelf
He's so happy all the livelong day, livin'life the simple way
Knowin'it's the only way to be
Just full of fun, full of fun and fancy-free
Just full of fun, full of fun and fancy-free

Fun and Fancy Free Movie Songs

I'm A Happy-Go-Lucky Fellow

Lazy Countryside      Too Good to be True

Say It With a Slap      My, What a Happy Day

My Favorite Dream      Fee Fi Fo Fum


Directed by Jack Kinney, Hamilton Luske, Bill Roberts, William Morgan; story byWriting creditsHomer Brightman,Harry Reeves,Ted Sears,Lance Nolley,Eldon Dedini,Tom Oreb; music by Eliot Daniel, Paul Smith, Oliver Wallace; film editing by Jack Bachom; animation by Art Babbitt, Jack Campbell, Les Clark, Claude Coats, Don DaGradi, Marc Davis, Phil Duncan, Hugh Fraser, John Hench, Hugh Hennesy, Ray Huffine, Ralph Hulett, Ward Kimball, Hal King, John Lounsbery, Brice Mack, Fred Moore, Ken O'Brien, Kendall O'Connor, Wolfgang Reitherman, Art Riley, Glenn Scott, John Sibley, Ed Starr, Harvey Toombs, Judge Whitaker, Al Zinnen.

Cast as voice

Edgar Bergen (himself, Charlie McCarthy and Mortimer Snerd), Luana Patten (herself), Cliff Edwards (Jiminy Cricket), Walt Disney (Mickey Mouse), Clarence Nash (Donald Duck), Pinto Colvig (Goofy), Billy Gilbert (Willie the Giant), Anita Gordon (singing harp), Dinah Shore (singer, narrator of Bongo.


This is one of the first Disney films to list the voice credits for the animated characters, and the first to actually list Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, and Goofy as if they were actors in a live-action film.


NARRATOR: This is the story of three bears.

JIMINY CRICKET: Yeah, I know. The mama bear, the papa bear, and the itsy-bitsy baby bear.

NARRATOR: Oh, but it's not the story you expect. Naturally, you'd think he'd be handled with kid gloves, treated like a king, and pampered like a baby.

Mickey and the Beanstalk movie

Once upon a time, long, long ago... Funny, nothing ever happens nowadays. There was a place called Happy Valley. Now, it was called Happy Valley because everyone who lived there was happy. No ! Well, there's a hunk of logic for you. Are you listening, Mortimer ? Uh, Happy Valley ? That's right, yes. Now just try and imagine it. Can't you just close your eyes and see it ? Well, I can't see very good with my eyes closed. You create a picture in your mind's eye. Oh. Now try and paint a mental picture. Yeah. I painted a barn once, I did. Well, that's very interesting. Yeah. It was a red barn. Well, forget the barn.
Fun and Fancy Free: Mickey and the Beanstalk movie 1 Fun and Fancy Free movie Mickey and the Beanstalk 1 But one day a mysterious shadow crept over the valley. When the shadow lifted, the golden harp was gone. No longer was the valley happy, for without the magic of the harp. Desolation spread over the land. Everything was drying up. The fields of golden corn turned to dust. The laughing brook flowed no more. To think that this was once Happy Valley! Now it's Gruesome Gulch. Days pass, weeks pass. I pass. New deal. What happened to all the people ? Well, suppose we look in on these humble peasants. Is that a peasant ? That's a cow, stupid.
Fun and Fancy Free: Mickey and the Beanstalk movie 2 Fun and Fancy Free movie Mickey and the Beanstalk 2 One bean and three men: Mickey, Donald and Goofy. Nice bossy, bossy. Nice old cowsy wowsy. Mickey goes to the village to sell the cow but sold the cow for some magic beans! If you plant these beans in the light of a full moon, do you know what'll happen ? Yes! We get more beans! No, no, Donald! Magic beans! Phooey!
Fun and Fancy Free: Mickey and the Beanstalk movie 3 Fun and Fancy Free movie Mickey and the Beanstalk 3 The beanstalk sprouts and it carries their house upward as it grows. Climbing the gigantic beanstalk they enter a magical kingdom of equal scope, and entering the castle, Mickey, Donald and Goofy help themselves to a sumptuous feast. This rouses the ire of Willie the Giant, who captures Donald and Goofy and locks them in a box. It's up to Mickey to find the key and rescue them, with the help of a singing golden harp. The harp, in happier times, played a song that kept the land prosperous and fertile until the giant stole her. (Donald Duck "He made it!" Goofy "He did? Here he comes with the key!" Donald Duck "Let me have it, Mickey!") Once freed, the hapless heroes return the golden harp to her rightful place and Happy Valley to its former glory.

Final line

If you really wanna find, Happiness Peace of mind, Believe in all your dreams, And you will see, You'll be full of Fan and Fancy Free.