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Home on the Range (2004)

to watch the 45th movie in Disney Animated Classics series named after the popular country song 'Home on the Range'. Released on March 30, 2004, the movie is set in the old west, the plot centers on a mismatched trio of dairy cows - Maggie, Mrs. Calloway and Grace, who must capture an infamous cattle rustler, for his bounty, in order to save their idyllic farm from foreclosure.
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Maggie, a cow left on the Dixon Ranch
Maggie, a cow left on the Dixon Ranch

Grace, a happy-go-lucky cow
Grace, a happy-go-lucky cow

Mrs. Calloway, who has had leadership gone
Mrs. Calloway, who has had leadership gone
Songs from original soundtracks: Home On The Range, Little Patch Of Heaven, Yodel-Adle-Eedle-Idle-Oo, Will The Sun Ever Shine Again, Wherever The Trail May Lead, Anytime You Need A Friend


GRACE: What kind of sheriff's office was that?
MRS. CALLOWAY: Saloon girls? Gambling? How does he ever get any work done?
MAGGIE: If that's the sheriff's office, this town rocks!

GRACE: Let me guess, you're a Taurus?

MAGGIE: You go, cow girl.

BUCK: Say, girls... got milk?

MAGGIE: It's payback time! Cover me!

BUCK: So long, sucker! He must be taking stupid lessons from that buffalo.

LUCKY JACK: Happens all the time.

MAGGIE: Cattle drive. Told ya. You both owe me a dollar.

ALAMEDA SLIM: Okay, boys, let's go over this one more time. Who am I?

RUSTY, the Dog: Great, I'll leave you two alone.

MRS. CALLOWAY: Maggie, may I be frank?


Prior to the film's release, Disney stated that it would be their last film in their animated features canon to use traditional animation.


Home on the Range is the final feature in the canon to use the CAPS system.

Alameda Slim is named after Wilf Carter also known as "Montana Slim".

The film had a budget of about $110 million, making a U.S. box office gross of $50,026,353, and a worldwide gross of $76,482,461.

Carter was known as a Country Singer and Yodeler.
Home on the Range (2004)
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