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The Hunchback of Notre Dame II video quotes - Job for a girl like Madellaine

Quotes from The Hunchback of Notre Dame II with Sarousch, Madellaine, and snapshot picture; MADELLAINE: Mesdames and messieurs, kindly direct your attention high above as the magnificent Madellaine is about to perform her daring high-wire act without a net. And the crowd goes wild. A hush comes over the crowd as Madellaine begins her graceful trek. Madellaine catches her breath having nearly plummeted to her death. And the crowd bursts into applause! As they scream for more! Encore! Thank you. You're too kind. SAROUSCH: Where were you, my little trinket? MADELLAINE: Oh, well, I was... I was standing. Well, of course I was standing. I mean, I haven't always been sitting. That would be stupid, I guess. I'm sorry. I just want to contribute more to the circus. SAROUSCH: Your job is to stand there and look pretty. Hello. Oh, lovely. MADELLAINE: I wanna do more. SAROUSCH: And so you shall, my little eclair. The Hunchback of Notre Dame II - Job for a girl like Madellaine - snapshot pictureI have the perfect job for a girl like you. Up in the tower of Notre Dame is a bell of extraordinary value. I want you to go up there and find out which is the bell called La Fidele. MADELLAINE: Why? SAROUSCH: Because I mean to steal it, silly. I'll be rich. I can travel the world in style and comfort. MADELLAINE: No. Why must we always steal? I was thinking... SAROUSCH: Thinking? Not your strong suit, is it, my little bonbon? No, it's mine. And where would you be without me? MADELLAINE: On the streets. SAROUSCH: Precisely. For it's a cold world out there... MADELLAINE: For a girl like me. What do I do? SAROUSCH: Oh. Lovely. There's a bell-ringer that lives in the tower. Smile at him. Wile and beguile him and he'll tell you exactly what I want to know.