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Ironic name Lucky

Quotes from The Jungle Book 2 with Shere Khan, Lucky, Buzzie, Flaps, Dizzie, Ziggy, and snapshot picture
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The Jungle Book 2 - Ironic name Lucky - snapshot picture   Shere Khan: That snake lied to me. Lucky: Now, don't take it out on the water just because you don't like the reflection. Ha ha! I mean not everyone can be born with such great looks. Buzzie: You let that tiger get his claws on you and you won't be so good-looking. Lucky: What, that pussycat? He's harmless. Watch this. Dizzie: Oh. Lucky: What's the matter, Stripes? Man-cub got your tongue? Heh heh! Flaps: Uh. Lucky Let's find something to do somewhere else. Lucky: No. Hang on, fellas. I got another one. How many men does it take to whup a tiger? Shere Khan: Heh-heh. Surprise me. Lucky: None. A little kid could do it all by himself. Ah ha ha ha ha! Dizzie: Come on, Lucky, let's go. Buzzie: Come on, Lucky, let's go. Lucky: In fact, we heard that kid is right here in the jungle. Right under your whiskers. Shere Khan: Interesting. I heard he's headed back to the village. Lucky: Ehh! Wrong again, kitty. Flaps: No, Lucky, keep your gob shut. Lucky: No, they say he's headed downriver... with a bear. Shere Khan: Downriver, you say? Ah. Ziggy: Oh, don't listen to him. Dizzie: Ooh, yeah, he's new around here. He don't know anything. Shere Khan: On the contrary, he seems to know quite a lot. Lucky: Hey, hold on, hot pants! Where's the fire? Shere Khan: Isn't it ironic that your name is Lucky? >>> more Disney videos quotes from The Jungle Book 2