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You are not a jungle boy

Quotes from The Jungle Book 2 with Mowgli, Shanti, Ranjan, Messua, and snapshot picture
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The Jungle Book 2 - You are not a jungle boy - snapshot picture   Messua: Boys. Where are you going so early? Mowgli: To... do our chores? Ranjan: Yeah! Messua: Not without breakfast, you aren't. Mowgli: That's OK. We're not hungry. Ranjan: Gotta go! Messua's husband: Boys, where are you going? Mowgli: To do our chores! Ranjan: Bye, Papa! See you later! Messua's husband: Remember! Don't cross the river! Messua's husband: You can take the boy out of the jungle... Messua: But you can't take the jungle out of the boy. Messua's husband: Yes. That's what worries me. Mowgli: Hey, Shanti. Shanti: Aah! Mowgli: What are you doing here? Shanti: Getting water. What are you doing here? Mowgli: Oh, uh, I'm on the lookout for danger. Shanti: Danger? Please. There's no danger around here. Mowgli: Well, keep this just between us? Yesterday, I saw tiger tracks. Shanti: Tiger tracks? Right. Mowgli: It's Shere Khan. I hear he's looking for me seeking his bloodthirsty revenge. So keep your ears open and always watch your back or the last thing you'll ever hear is... Ranjan: Roars... Shanti: Aah! Mowgli: When does the tiger roar? Shanti: Oh! You're horrible! Horrible, stinky boys! Come on, Ranjan. He's a bad influence.
Mowgli: Now, don't move. Shanti: That wasn't very nice, you know. Ranjan: Roars... Shanti: Stop that. You're not a jungle boy. Ranjan: Why are you so a-scared of the jungle? Shanti: Because it's dangerous. Ranjan: Dangerous? But Mowgli says... Shanti: You shouldn't listen to everything Mowgli says. Ranjan: But I thought you liked Mowgli. Shanti: Well, I do. I like Mowgli. But... Mowgli: Uh, you left this at the river. Shanti: Thank you. Ranjan: She's in a bad mood. >>> more Disney videos quotes from The Jungle Book 2