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Lady and the Tramp II video quotes - Buster rules the junkyard dogs - Disney videos

Quotes from Lady and the Tramp II with Scamp, Angel, Buster, Mooch, Sparky, Ruby, Francois, and snapshot picture; Share this video quotes
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Lady and the Tramp II - Buster rules the junkyard dogs - snapshot picture   BUSTER: That's right, boys, junkyard dogs rule this town! And Buster rules the junkyard dogs! Angel! Angel! Talk to me. Who's the king of the junkyard ? ANGEL: Oh, you are, Buster. And it's quite a kingdom you've got here. BUSTER: That's my girl. ANGEL: I'm not your girl. I don't belong to anyone. SPARKY: Hey, hey. Look here, you guys. I'd say we got a new recruit. FRANCOIS: The little house dog. MOOCH: Hey, you got off the leash! SCAMP: Yeah. SCAMP: Hey, hey! Watch it! RUBY: Oh, be still, my heart. I'm gettin' a bad case of puppy love. BUSTER: Whoa, whoa! Hey, Ruby. I'm the top dog around here. And nobody joins the junkyard dogs unless I say so. So, what's your name, sport? SCAMP: Name's Scamp. BUSTER: Well, howdy, Scamperoo. So, you saw us having some fun and thought you'd join right in, huh? SCAMP: Yeah, sure. BUSTER: Hey, I hate to break the news to ya, champ but not many house dogs get to run in this pack. SCAMP: I'm not a house dog. BUSTER: Oh, you're not? Then what's this badge of respectability hangin' around your neck? MOOCH: Hey, collar boy ! RUBY: How's life on the end of that chain?
SCAMP: No way ! I've had it with the house dog life. Nothing there but rules, rules, rules. I want to be wild and free like you guys. BUSTER: I don't know, kid. Your average house dog ain't got what it takes. MOOCH: Yeah, tell him what it takes, Buster! Tell him what it takes!
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