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Lady and the Tramp II video quotes - Little house dog - Disney videos

Quotes from Lady and the Tramp II with Aunt Sarah, Scamp, Angel, Jim Dear, Darling, Lady, Tramp, and snapshot picture; Share this video quotes
JIM DEAR: I really think we should keep searching. AUNT SARAH: Oh, nonsense! It's the Fourth of July. Time to have some fun. You can continue your search after our picnic. DARLING: Aunt Sarah, we're not really in the mood to celebrate. AUNT SARAH: Oh, come now. Scamp will be all right. You'll find him. But, first, let's eat. I won't have my Fourth of July ruined by that little Scamp. JIM DEAR: There, there, boy. BUSTER: I knew it. Beautiful. Scampo! Front and centre. Take a look out there. See that family? SCAMP: You mean that family over there? BUSTER: No, this family right here. Now, as your final test, I want you to infiltrate their picnic and liberate their chicken right out from under the nose of that meek, little house dog. ANGEL: You don't have to prove anything, Scamp, just walk away. BUSTER: Since when do you care so much? ANGEL: I thought you were better than this. BUSTER: Pipe down, Angel cakes! Come on, kid. You wanna be wild and free, don't you? All it's gonna cost you is one juicy chicken. Yeah, I should've known. Once a house dog, always a house dog. SCAMP: I'm no house dog! JUNIOR: Scamp back! AUNT SARAH: Oh, my goodness! Oh! JUNIOR: Scamp! AUNT SARAH: Monster! JUNIOR: Scamp back!   Lady and the Tramp II - Little house dog - snapshot picture
AUNT SARAH: Oh, my poor... JUNIOR: Scamp wanna play! BUSTER: It's show time, boys! THE DOGCATCHER: Aha! You... You little mutt! I won't forget you! I'll lock you in the pound! I swear it! SCAMP: Slick move. Lost him. >>> more Disney videos quotes from Lady and the Tramp II