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Lady and the Tramp II video quotes - No wild dogs in family - Disney videos

Quotes from Lady and the Tramp II with Scamp, Tramp, Lady, Jim Dear, Junior, and snapshot picture; Share this video quotes
JUNIOR: Scamp! Play ball! JIM DEAR: Hey, come back here ! JUNIOR: Scamp, catch the ball. JIM DEAR: Come back here now ! No, no, no! JIM DEAR: Yea! Yea! JUNIOR: Scamp! Scamp, whee! Whee! Play ball! JIM DEAR: Scamp! Oh, no. What a mess. JUNIOR: Uh-oh. JIM DEAR: This time you've gone too far. You've left me no choice. Some dogs just have to learn the hard way. May be chaining you up will teach you a lesson. I'm sorry, pal... but I just don't know what else to do. ANNETTE: Serves him right. DANIELLE: Simply incorrigible. COLLETTE: He brought this on himself. DANIELLE: Now we'll need another bath. ANNETTE: Me first! COLLETTE: No, me first! ANNETTE: You first! I mean, no... LADY: Tramp? TRAMP: Best thing Jim Dear could have done for our boy, chaining him up. LADY: Oh, Tramp, he's never been chained up before. He's just a pup. TRAMP: He has to learn to live by the rules of the house. Firm discipline moulds a pup into a dog. LADY: You turned out pretty good. TRAMP: Yeah, Pidge, but I found you. And if it weren't for you, I'd have wound up in the pound. I'm just trying to protect him. He'll understand some day.   Lady and the Tramp II - No wild dogs in family - snapshot picture
LADY: May be he needs to understand today. TRAMP: I thought you might be hungry. I'm sorry, pal. You're just gonna have to shape up a little, that's all. SCAMP: I always get blamed for everything. TRAMP: Sometimes it's hard being part of a family. You have to obey certain rules. SCAMP: But I want to run wild and free like a real dog. TRAMP: Son, the world out there is full of traps. Here, you have a family that loves you. SCAMP: As long as I do what you say. Pop, I just don't feel like I belong here. Didn't you ever feel this way? TRAMP: I was just like you when I was your age. SCAMP: You were never like me. You've been a house dog all your life. How would you know? TRAMP: Oh, you'd be surprised. Scamp, I'm only trying to protect you. SCAMP: Like putting me on a chain? TRAMP: Those are the rules, son. SCAMP: All I ever hear is, "Rules, rules, rules!" "Don't do this" and "Don't do that!" Well, what good are teeth and, and claws if you can never use them? TRAMP: Stop that how ling! SCAMP: I can't help it, Pop! Wild dogs how I at the moon! TRAMP: There will be no wild dogs in this family! SCAMP: Then may be I don't want to be in this family! TRAMP: Like it or not, you are a part of this family. And until you start acting like it, you can just get used to being out here every night!
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