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Lady and the Tramp II video quotes - To have what you have - Disney videos

Quotes from Lady and the Tramp II with Scamp, Angel, Jim Dear, Darling, Lady, Tramp, and snapshot picture; Share this video quotes
ANGEL: Whoa, nice neighbourhood. Snob Hill. SCAMP: Hey, Jim Dear never leaves this gate open. JIM DEAR: Come on, Tramp. SCAMP: Oh, no! We gotta get outta here. ANGEL: Why? What's wrong? JIM DEAR: Come on, boy. We've done all we can for one day. LADY: Oh, we'll find him. You were the best street dog there ever was. And I still have faith in the old Tramp. TRAMP: Old Tramp? Hmph. If only the old Tramp was still here. JIM DEAR: Come on, Tramp! We'll find Scamp tomorrow. ANGEL: The Tramp is your father? SCAMP: I... Wait. No, wait! Angel, wait! DARLING: Did you find him? JIM DEAR: May be tomorrow. JUNIOR: Scamp. Bad Scamp. SCAMP: Gosh, I didn't think they'd miss me that much. ANGEL: You didn't think they'd miss you? I can't believe you'd run away from a home like this. SCAMP: Well, you don't know what it was like. ANGEL: No, I don't. Whoo, must have been horrible having someone care about you that much. SCAMP: I need to be wild and free. I'll never find that here. I'd give anything to have what you have. ANGEL: And I'd give anything to have what you have. Come on, Scamp. We could run off together. We don't need them.   Lady and the Tramp II - To have what you have - snapshot picture
SCAMP: Angel, don't you understand? Only one more test, and I'll finally be a junkyard dog. That's where I belong. ANGEL: No, you don't belong there. You're better than that, Scamp, and that's what I like about you. Come on, tenderfoot. Let's go. >>> more Disney videos quotes from Lady and the Tramp II