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The Little Mermaid: Ariel's Beginning 2 making music

Quotes and pictures SEBASTIAN: Then why were you trying to get away? ARIEL: Um... Watch Because they were chasing usBecause they were chasing us? SWORDFISH GUARD #1: We heard music, chief. SEBASTIAN: Music! Watch The princess was making musicThe princess was making music? SWORDFISH GUARD #1: The princess wasn't making music. He was. SEBASTIAN: Music is against the law! Take him to the dungeon! FLOUNDER: I can't make it in the slammer! SEBASTIAN: Now! ARIEL: Wait! This is all a big misunderstanding. Huge. Watch You are gonna laugh when I explainYou are gonna laugh when I explain. Which I'm about to do. SEBASTIAN: In this century, please. ARIEL: Right. You see, I was just cleaning the coral tubes, and my friend here was helping me. FLOUNDER: That's right. Best friend helpin' out. Makin' it happen. ARIEL: But not making music. See? SEBASTIAN: Guards! Escort the princess back to the palace. ARIEL: But Sebastian... SEBASTIAN: And you! Consider this your first and only warning, mon. SWORDFISH GUARD #2: Humph! FLOUNDER: Oh! SEBASTIAN: Intolerable, I tell you. That girl is working on my last claw! ANDRINA: If I change my hair, he'd notice? ARISTA: Where's my brush? My brush works better. ALANA: OK, bedtime. Outta my way. ANDRINA: Don't look now, but dinner exploded on your face. ALANA: It's plankton extract and sea salt. ANDRINA: Pretty. ALANA: Watch It rejuvenates the skin and it won't clog your poresIt rejuvenates the skin and it won't clog your pores. ANDRINA: Whatever! It's your face. ARISTA: 'Scuse me. AQUATA: Uh, is that my mask? ARISTA: Nope. It's got my initial on it. ATTINA: All of our names start with "A," Aquata. AQUATA: My brush? ARISTA: I was gonna talk to you... AQUATA: My lucky seashells? ARISTA: They're not very lucky. AQUATA: Mr. Fuzzyfinkle! ARISTA: He's so cute. He likes me. AQUATA: And my pillow? ARISTA: Yeah, that's for Mr. Fuzzyfinkle. AQUATA: Nice try. ARISTA: Give it back! AQUATA: Arista, you always do this! It's my stuff! ANDRINA: Finally, some entertainment. AQUATA: You're just the selfishest person... ADELLA: Shh! Shh! He's coming! KING TRITON: Good evening, girls. MERMAIDS: Father. KING TRITON: Sleep well. MERMAIDS: Good night, Father. KING TRITON: Ariel? ARIEL: Good night. KING TRITON: Good night. ATTINA: Why did you do that? He's our father. Sit there as long as you want, Ariel. Nothing's going to change. ARISTA: Maybe I could have her pillow. Oh! Ha, ha, very funny. ARIEL: What? SWORDFISH GUARD #1: How long has she been in charge? SWORDFISH GUARD #2: Right. FLOUNDER: Flippity-flop and slide to the side. The joint is jumping. It's time to glide. FISH CUSTOMER: Hey! But I got the kelp yesterday. It's not fair. I'm weak. Pathetic. I'm a lowly errand boy. ARIEL: Oh! RAY-RAY: All right, let's bring it. You know what to do. Watch Jump in the Line songJump in the Line ARIEL: Huh? Oh, wait! I won't tell. Wait a minute. I won't tell! ARIEL: Oh! Watch I Remember songI Remember SEBASTIAN: This can't happen! ARIEL: Love SEBASTIAN: Your father is the king! Swifty. SWIFTY: Do you promise to jump, jive, wail, groove, rock steady, and lend a helping hand to your fellow music lovers? ARIEL: I do. SEBASTIAN: She's in. Watch Look after Ariel quotesLook after Ariel ARIEL: La, la, la, la, la. What? What? ATTINA: You were humming. ARIEL: I was? ARISTA: Out loud. Watch Was it a boy quotesWas it a boy ATTINA: This is not happening! You go again and I... ANDRINA: Oh, lighten up. ARIEL: Come on.

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The Little Mermaid: Ariel's Beginning (2008)
The Little Mermaid: Ariel's Beginning (2008)
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